Nola Nights Boxset

SharitaNawlinsTSSStackThis Boxset includes all seven books for N’awlins Exotica

#1 I Like Em Pretty
#2 I Love it Rough
#3 No Denying Sin
#4 Living in Sin
#5 Hell Hath No Fury
#6 See No Evil 
#7 Nola Nuptials


“This series is not only a page turner and hard to put down but it will take you on a roller coaster of emotions right along with the characters. “

“A really great read based in the city of New Orleans… N’awlins Exotica by Michael Mandrake and BL Morticia is full of emotions, drama, and love. Also it is full of sexual views and degrees of relationships. If you love The Big Easy and want some time away from trials of life, go for this collection. I absolutely loved the series.”

“This book series was amazing. These books are all page turners. I couldn’t stop reading these books until the end. I would highly recommend this book series.”

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