N’awlins Exotica Series Book Five Hell Hath No Fury

HellHath1 Blurb:

Life was supposed to be simplified in the Big Easy…

Since relocating from NY to New Orleans, Kenina Porter has lived the good the bad, and the ugly, working in homicide in one of the most unsafe parts of New Orleans. She fought hard to be one of the best detectives in her precinct and refused to let anything slow her down. Except for the newest police Chief, who isn’t fond of her attitude. Despite what the Chief or anyone else thinks, Kenina intends to continue doing her damn job as she damn well pleases. Besides, the serial strangler is still on the loose and Kenina thinks she should be the one to catch him.

Local boy and former Army officer, David Mulroney is on the fast track to success. David recently received a promotion to detective despite only a couple of years on the force and is as eager and hungry as anyone working at nineteen. His boyish looks, charm, and intelligence has all the ladies swooning, but he only has eyes on one lady. Kenina Porter. David thinks if he can break the ice around her heart, but he has some stiff competition; Kenina’s own stubbornness and fear of getting involved with her new trainee and partner.

Kenina isn’t taking bullshit from anyone, let alone another cop in her department who claims to have the hots for her. With her guard up, Kenina intends to live her life as a hard-nosed cop, but David has other ideas. Can NOPD’s youngest detective be the one to finally bring her out of her shell?

Universal Buylink – https://books2read.com/u/me2PzV

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