Unbreakable Mates – Lance and Mateo Boxset

MM-BF&RF-2DAn Omega with a checkered past seeks his forever in a virgin pastor…

Mateo relocated to Vale Valley to start anew and find his fated mate. Although he didn’t think he’d be linked with a preacher from Holy Father, that doesn’t deter Mateo from pursuing him. 

Father Lance has enjoyed the solitude as the magical towns only minister. Besides the work to bring people closer to God is fulfilling for him and he doesn’t feel a need for much else. 

Now, a tragic event has brought them together, but jealousy and fear could tear them apart. Will the promise of a commitment and children bind them once and for all?
Warning: Stories have triggering events such as on page violence and death. It is set in an omegaverse with a guarantee of male pregnancy. It includes both stories, Breakable Faith and Renewed Faith along with the story, Breakable in Bora Bora from the Vale Valley charity anthology.