Renewed Faith – A Valentine MPreg Romance

MM-RenewedFaithVVV-750x1125While Mateo quarrels with his inner demons, Lance’s feelings are conflicted. 

Mateo’s has found his fated mate. To make their family complete, he wants a baby. Despite the bliss, bad memories have come back to haunt him. These horrid reminders could hamper their attempt at creating a new life.

Although Father Lance remains loyal to the church, protecting his partner reigns above all. Due to Mateo’s emotional breakdown, he’s forced to take a leave of absence. This sudden change from the priesthood to alpha father has weighed heavily on Lance’s mind, making him wonder if he should continue his role at Holy Father.

Will Mateo overcome these nightmares and be able to have their child? Can Lance find the zeal he once had to continue his life’s work?

Together, they must search for the answers to restore their faith in their commitment and each other.

Renewed Faith is book 10 in the second season of the multi-author series about Vale Valley, a small town open to everyone in need of love and a home. It is the continuation of Mateo and Lance’s book, Breakable Faith.

This story is an omegaverse with the possibility of male pregnancy. Hot sex, romance, knotting, are included along with sweetness. Might need your rosary and holy water for this one!

Warning: Scenes detailing violent attack and potential rape.

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