The Vampire’s Disgraced Priest

VampireDisgracedCoverFather, don’t forgive me…

For centuries, Baron has led the earth’s vampires with an iron fist. The powers gained over the years made him damn near invincible. Challengers stupidly thought his age would be a factor but were quickly proven wrong when Baron left them broken and begging for mercy. During his long tenure, Baron thought a mate would distract him. Instead, Baron’s desire proves to be more of a weakness, thus making fellow bloodsuckers question his authority.

Father Beau dreamt of being a priest since early childhood. Although his aspirations were abruptly cut short, he didn’t allow the setback to ruin his mission. Despite not having much help, Beau aches to do whatever possible to bring people closer to God. Not even companionship, something Beau has secretly longed for, deters him from his primary goal.

Baron believes his seductive powers will force the priest’s hand, but Beau isn’t the least bit interested in another immortal who will break his fragile heart.

The leader of vamps won’t relent until Beau is his, even if it destroys the relationships he’s worked so tirelessly to build.

Coming October 31st, 2019