Immortals Series Book Two Imortality’s Gift


Book 2 Immortality’s Gift releasing the end of July. 

Blurb: After Ryland encounters his two biggest nemeses in The Realm, he is furious with Valios. Though Ryland has strong feelings for Valios, he is fiercely committed to his lovers.

Valios however has a plan. He concocts a scheme, but his newly found “imperfection” may disrupt that strategy.

Completely ready to change, Dale Mooney’s patience is wearing thin. He wants that connection with his lovers, binding the three of them together. His reasoning is, he won’t feel complete until that happens. Being a human is boring anyway.

Valios’s efforts to cause a rift in this perfect union might be successful. Still, one of them will carry the symbol of Valios’s undying love for Ryland through all eternity.