Michael Mandrake News!

Final - Michael MandrakeGreetings everyone. 

September will be a non-release month for me, so I wanted to stop in and give you an update of what I’m working on.

Right now, I’m starting the next book in the Immortals Spinoffs, The Vampire’s Disgraced Priest. This will be another priest kink but much darker than the Vale Valley series. It stars vampire Baron Pierre from the N’awlins Exotica Paranormal books with Ryland and Ryder along with “Father” Beau Diamonte. You may notice the Father is in quotes. That’s because the Father isn’t anything like Father Lance or Father Joseph from Vale Valley. You’ll have to wait and see just how different.

*inserts maniacal laughter*

I’ll also be working on the prequel to Love Kills which is entitled Portrait of a Black Heart. This story focuses on Archer Killjoy, the much loved and misunderstood character in the book. A look back at how he grew up as well as a look in on what he and his lovers are up to now. Look for that in December!

Also, I’m taking part in the Gay Romance Literature giveaway event. This is for GRL attending authors to giveaway samples and or full free books to readers. You can find all the participating authors by clicking on this link. GRL Giveaway The book I’m featuring is the first chapter of Breakable Faith.

Speaking of GRL, I’ll be… or rather, Shar will be there representing me and BLMorticia in Albuquerque on Oct 16th-20th. If you’re interested in ordering signed paperbacks, please fill out this form so we can order one for you. All books are $10!

The form closes Sept 15th, so don’t delay!

Books include, the Vale Valley books, Unforgettable Faith, Blind Faith (BL as Brooklyn Roberts) Unbreakable Mates (Lance and Mateo), Love Kills, and Taken and Crowned. 

For BL, Where There’s Smoke, Push, and Starf*cked, 

GRL Paperback Form

Lastly, the book On the Run from the PROTEKT series is no longer on sale. I’ve asked for my rights back to all three books, so as they run out, they’ll be disappearing from all retailers. However, I do plan to re-release the first 2 books under PROTEKT under my new penname, MD Spader, which will be me but only for contemporary crime/mystery suspense. I’m not sure if I will be writing under MD Spader going forward at this time, but the books in PROTEKT as well as N’awlins Exotica don’t fit this name, so I’ll be changing them.

That’s it for now. For all the latest in what’s going on, please join my Reader’s Group on Facebook or signup for the newsletter!

Thanks for listening!


To read BL’s Update, click here

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