Treacherous Seas Coming in 2019

1aLM Brown’s final book in her Mermen series is coming soon!

L.M. Brown

The sixth and final book in the Mermen & Magic series is going to be released later this year, and has a tentative release date set for 2 July 2019.

The contract was signed shortly before Christmas, but I admit I was being lazy about updating my blog and site with the news.

And here is the (unedited) blurb for Treacherous Seas.  

One merman. Two lives. A love so powerful it tore apart a city and broke the heart of a god.

Caspian, the Atlantean God of Justice, has devoted his eternal life to protecting the merfolk. He has no time for romance, not even when the merman he now watches over is his former lover reincarnated.

Phoebus, a merman living in the sunken city of Atlantis before the Atlanteans were banished, never intended to fall for Caspian, the most promiscuous of all the gods. Yet when Caspian offers…

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