Saturday Sips – Taken and Crowned


I’m really bad with doing the sips. *sigh* I promise to get better. 

Anyway, here is a chapter from Taken and Crowned…

Chapter Three

Ambrose slouched in the chair by Geraldous, glaring at the monitor displaying pictures of over one hundred men. One after the other, the pictures were enlarged showing all of them from every angle.

Ambrose shook his head, jaws clenched, struggling not to voice yet another protest.

“So, do you like any of these?”

Ambrose huffed and readjusted himself. “Not a one.”

Geraldous sighed and leaned back in the chair. “There are plenty here that I would love to have in my bed, even for a short while.”

“Great, then you pick one!”

Geraldous growled and slammed his fist on the table. “Do you wish for me to tell Tolian you’re being obstinate on purpose? I won’t stand for this attitude. I’m trying to help you.”

“I’m sorry to offend, but none of these do anything for me.”

“Does it matter? Your father said mate and have an heir. Why do you care if he suits your tastes?” He snarled.

Ambrose nodded, knowing Geraldous had a point. “You’re right. You pick one for me then. I fuck him, get him pregnant, then send him far away, so I don’t have to see him again.”

“Splendid!” Geraldous clapped. He touched the screen and recited a familiar human rhyme.

Ambrose cocked an eyebrow. “What in Xeritron’s name do you think you’re doing?”

“Picking one? I’ve got several I’d love to try on for size, as they say on Earth. But my eeny meeny miney moe, says this one,” he laughed.

Ambrose smirked and straightened up his chair. He read the profile aloud. “Bert Callens. Age 28 works as a queer rights activist. Born to Jerry and Lucia Callens, who are self-made millionaires. He sounds like a spoiled brat.”

“Then you’ll have something in common.”

Ambrose grumbled. “But he might not know how to raise him or her.”

“That’s why you have royal staff to take care of them. And don’t forget, your half human mother is here to assist.”

Ambrose shrugged. “True.” He continued to eye the young man with broad shoulders and blondish brown hair. By looks alone, he was indeed someone Ambrose would bed. A touch on the lean side, but hopefully not enough to break.


“I suppose he’ll do.” Ambrose palmed his own chin. “Maybe pick another just in case he doesn’t comply?”

“There will be none of that. We grab him by the hair and drag him back to our ship.”

“Oh, right. Aggressiveness worked with my mother, so I suppose it will work here too.”

“What the…” Geraldous stewed and growled under his breath. “Again, you have one thing to do. No romance is required.”

“I understand, I… I only wished to do things differently from what my father did… but again, I am only fulfilling Xeritronian prophecy.” Ambrose stood, not wanting to look at his future mate, or victim, any longer. “Ask the crew to prepare the ship. We’re going to Earth to grab Bert Callens.”

“As well as more trees from the Amazon. I think we should take the bigger one. Antonius!” Geraldous sounded excited.

“Antonius? Why not go for the monster? Let’s bring out Sacrilous. Old boy hasn’t had any action in a few years.”

“That’s Tolian’s ship.”

Ambrose harrumphed. “You think he’ll mind that I take his beloved fleet to kidnap, I mean. Ahem.” Ambrose cleared his throat. “Obtain his future co-king? I think not.”

Geraldous smiled wryly. “I suppose you’re right.” He clicked his heels and saluted. “I will alert the Sacrilous crew right now.”

Ambrose bowed his head. “Thank you.”

Geraldous departed and closed the door behind him.


Once Ambrose said his goodbyes to his mother and father, he, Geraldous, and the rest of the Sacrilous crew boarded the large ship. Although mostly everything in Xeritron was made of stone or wood, they used their only chemical, Argoplast to convert raw materials into steel for cars, scientist labs, buildings in the city, as well as their air and waterships. Argoplast was made from a combination of trees and stone with Xeritronian DNA. The chemical was safe, effective, and was used in every facet of their daily lives.

A mixture of leaves and DNA fueled the ships on short trips, while Argoplast was used for longer ones. Xeritronians believed in using all-natural resources, so as not to pollute their small planet or the ones around them.

Ambrose sat in the chair in the middle of the control room, while the Sacrilous captain, Janese and her co-pilot Adler, manned the ship. According to royal rule, no member of the line was to drive. Only in extreme circumstances, when all others onboard had perished.

“Prince Ambrose, we are prepared to take off.”

Ambrose smiled and looked to his right at Geraldous.

Geraldous nodded.

“Good. I believe all of us are ready for the mission. We stop at the Amazon first, then on to Los Angeles to collect Mr. Callens.”

“Yes Sir,” Janese said with a hint of malice in her voice.

Ambrose twisted his lips and looked away from Janese’s reflective glare. They’d had a time or two before and she probably wished to be his queen. Despite being enamored with the Captain, Ambrose wouldn’t have selected her for his mate. Other than his preference, he found her to be overbearing, something he didn’t like in his partners.

After much thought, Ambrose intended to take his father’s advice to continue his free roaming ways. Ambrose even figured, why not select a few more men from Earth to take back with him?

“That’s the spirit,” Geraldous said, reaching over to pat his arm. “I’d thought to do the same thing.”

Ambrose turned his head and growled. “Please, stop entering my thoughts without my permission.”

“Then close them off.” Geraldous barked and shifted in his chair. “You’re an open book.”

“So, I am. You can stay in your own head, you know… perhaps concentrating on the strategy we will use to capture the planet Urgus.”

“Urgus is well in hand. Your father has given us his recommendation to proceed with the takeover after your ceremony. That means, you’ll have to stay in the kingdom while we do battle.”

Ambrose shrugged. “I am fully on board with that, because it shouldn’t be a long one.” The leather covering his entire body squeaked when he moved. “Urgus poses no threat to us.”

“True, but I thought you might like a piece of Queen Myrna before we take her prisoner.” Geraldous eyed Ambrose again.

“She is not to be imprisoned. My mother wishes to make her part of the staff, in exchange for information on the Ferolax.”

“She doesn’t know that much…”

“My mother is convinced she does. In all actuality, I believe my mother is looking to match Myrna up with a certain royal servant without a mate.”

Geraldous huffed. “I love Minerva, but I do not require her help. I am perfectly capable of finding my own prince or princess. Whichever I am in the mood for at the time, I suppose.”

“Are you sure? What did a certain someone tell me about an individual becoming hardened without a life partner?”

“Bite me.”

“I can’t, remember?”

Geraldous exhaled and growled low. “Sometimes I don’t know why I put up with you.”

Captain Janese cleared her throat. “Believe me, the feeling’s mutual all over this ship, my dear Geraldous. Ambrose? May I speak to you in private? Adler take over please?”

“Yes, Captain.” Adler said in response.

Ambrose took his time to get up from his chair. He waved Janese ahead of him.

When she approached, the door rose, and she sauntered out of the control room.

Ambrose followed. “Where shall we talk and what about?”

“Follow me to my quarters, please, your highness.”

Ambrose grinned and did as she asked. Noticing the leather uniform tightly wrapped around her taut body, he envisioned their last time together, writhing on the bed, tangled in his gold satin sheets. She’d wrestled him to the ground and tried her damndest to mount him when they battled atop Mount Aricon. Ambrose was having nothing of it however, because as an alpha male, he didn’t desire to be topped by anyone, especially not a woman.

“One day you will respect us as equals, your highness.” Janese waved her hand over the side panel and walked inside.

“I do respect women, and you, Janese.”

Janese turned on her heel and stared at Ambrose intently. “I am a woman, Ambrose. All woman. It disappoints me that you wish to take a lowly human mate.”

“You know the silly tradition, Janese. I’m not taking someone willingly.”

Janese crossed her arms. “I do, but I thought you would convince them that I should be your chosen.”

“Janese.” Ambrose took the seat at Janese’s desk and kicked his feet up on top. “You know I like men a lot more than women anyway.”

“Why? I am strong as any man. I’ve beaten you several times when we’ve sparred.”

“Yes, but you have breasts.”

“As well as a vagina and penis for reproduction. All functioning quite well, I might add.”

“Yes, I remember very well, but… I would rather have a man.”

Janese unfolded her arms and nibbled on her bottom lip. “May I ask why?”

“It is a preference. In all truth, I’m looking for someone who could give me the best of both worlds. Entice me with their feminine dress, but be strong, able bodied, and great in the sack.”

“I am all those things.”

“Not around the chest area.” Ambrose removed his feet. “Call it what you want, crazy or whatever, it is the way I feel.”

“A feminine man. You’re right. It is quite nonsensical.”

“It is, but I know they exist somewhere. Urgus has masculine looking females, but it isn’t what I seek. Besides, I am being commissioned to mate with a human.”

“Ugh! You are impossible.”

Ambrose cocked an eyebrow. “Why? Because I refuse to marry you?”

Janese glared at him. “Yes. We are compatible, Ambrose. Why marry some human when I am all you need?”

“I’m only marrying for one reason. Certainly not because I wish to be happily mated.”

“Then you shouldn’t bother. No one would be happy being used and tossed aside.”

“Since when do you care about such things?”

“Since now, when it directly affects me.” Janese snapped.

Ambrose narrowed his eyes. “I am going to ignore this outburst, Captain. You are not allowed to talk to me in such a disrespectful way. We are friends, but I am also your prince, soon to be king.”

“Yes, yes,” she drawled. “I pity the man or woman that has to deal with you on a regular basis.”

“You want to be that person…”

“I don’t want to be a side piece you can show off, Ambrose. I want to be your equal.”

“Well, I am sorry, my lady that won’t happen. Now, I believe you have a ship to fly.”

Janese growled and clicked her heels, leaving the office.

Ambrose watched the captain leave, still thinking of what she’s said.

Pity on my mate?

No. I shall be a great prize to whomever I choose!

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