Rainbow Snippets -December 22nd

Image may contain: night, fireworks and outdoorHello all! It’s been awhile since I did a Rainbow snippet. Having two releases in one month will do that to you! 

Anyway, this is over six, but the banter between Ambrose and Geraldous from Taken and Crowned cannot be missed. So, allow me to bend the rules a little for context purposes and pure enjoyment!

* * * *

How you play

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* * * *


Ambrose shook his head, jaws clenched, struggling not to voice yet another protest.

“So, do you like any of these?”

Ambrose huffed and readjusted himself. “Not a one.”

Geraldous sighed and leaned back in the chair. “There are plenty here that I would love to have in my bed, even for a short while.”

“Great, then you pick one!”

Geraldous growled and slammed his fist on the table. “Do you wish for me to tell Tolian you’re being obstinate on purpose? I won’t stand for this attitude. I’m trying to help you.”

“I’m sorry to offend, but none of these do anything for me.”

“Does it matter? Your father said mate and have an heir. Why do you care if he suits your tastes?” He snarled.

Ambrose nodded, knowing Geraldous had a point. “You’re right. You pick one for me then. I fuck him, get him pregnant, then send him far away, so I don’t have to see him again.”

“Splendid!” Geraldous clapped. He touched the screen and recited a familiar human rhyme.

Ambrose cocked an eyebrow. “What in Xeritron’s name do you think you’re doing?”

“Picking one? I’ve got several I’d love to try on for size, as they say on Earth. But my eeny meeny miney moe, says this one,” he laughed.

Ambrose smirked and straightened up his chair. He read the profile aloud. “Bert Callens. Age 28 works as a queer rights activist. Born to Jerry and Lucia Callens, who are self-made millionaires. He sounds like a spoiled brat.”

“Then you’ll have something in common.”

Ambrose grumbled.

To read the full chapter, click here.

* * * *

LOL hope you enjoyed that!

If you’d like to read more about my snippy aliens, then read Taken and Crowned. 

It’s FREE with a Kindle Unlimited subscription or you can buy for $3.99!

MM-TakenandCrowned-432x648Ambrose’s family tradition destroys his plan to be a forever bachelor.

Although Ambrose doesn’t wish to be with anyone long term, he must find a spouse immediately. According to the rules, no one inherits the throne unless they’re married. Additionally, his father wishes for Ambrose to seek a human. Despite not being elated with the decision, Ambrose figures doing the necessary requirement of mating and impregnating will be enough.

Max, who identifies as non-binary, is tired of being shamed and manhandled. They wish to make a living off their “hobby” but it’s not in the cards. Relationships aren’t even on their list of things to strive for, and they don’t want to change. Unless the person is a certain Hollywood star they have a crush on, Max isn’t interested.

When Ambrose meets Max at their place of employment, Max refuses to give the alien king-in-waiting the time of day.

Little does Max know Ambrose’s calm exterior is a cover up for the monster willing to go great lengths to claim them for a partner.

This title is a standalone dark romance with forced mating, dub-con, MPreg, and smartass aliens who hate to be wrong. On page violence, rough sex, and knotting are included.

Amazon Link – http://mybook.to/TakenCrown

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