Sweet Betrayal – Part 9


Happy Halloween!

Here is another installment from Sweet Betrayal. They can’t seem to keep their hands off one another!

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An Offer I Could Not Refuse

Sweet Betrayal

This segment includes this picture prompt



Otto did as asked and we were home within minutes. If I didn’t know any better, I’d sworn we’d flown. Too bad we didn’t have that ability, although our running speed could be interpreted that way. We’d only need wings and we could be just as powerful as any beast or flying machine in existence.

After getting out the limo, I chased Aaron to the elevator. When the doors closed, I pinned him against the wall, crushing our mouths together.

“Mmph. Ravi.” Aaron moaned against my lips. His hands traveling to the underside of my buttocks. When they arrived there, Aaron squeezed, then lifted me off my feet.

“What strength you have my love.”

“Of course.” Aaron moved downward from my lips to my throat with kisses and nips. He ground his body into mine while he feasted on my flesh.

“Ah, my sweet. I have to say, I love when you take control.” I yanked my tie from my neck, dropping the accessory on the floor. I hissed and threw my head back, enjoying my lover’s affections.

“I could mount you right here,” Aaron whispered while he continued rubbing our cocks together through the blood-stained material. In all honesty, our soiled clothes made things a lot more interesting.

“No. Wait until we get to home. Then we can strip for one another.”

“I can’t wait for that.” Aaron licked back up to my mouth and darted his tongue inside.

As we shared the kiss, the elevator’s bell sounded.

“Ahem, excuse me, gentlemen.”

At the sound of a woman’s voice, I pulled away. “Yes, you are excused.”

The young lady smiled. Dressed in a provocative long, red dress, showing her plump cleavage, she appeared to have just come from some kind of event. Or going to one. Who knew. Though I’d never been attracted to women sexually, I could appreciate someone being pleasing to the eyes. “Couldn’t wait to get home I suppose?”

Aaron laughed and put me down. “No, we couldn’t. Newlyweds and I’m a new vamp, so…”

“Ah. Yes, I’ve had quite a few newly turned ones in my day.” She smiled, showing her fake fangs. She untied her cape.

Immediately, I noticed her throat sliced from one end to the other. Blood seeping from the wound caught my eye. She didn’t bother to put a band-aid on it either. I’d wondered had she done that to attract more vampires.

She blushed, apparently taking note of my staring. “My lover is quite… voracious. I make it easy for him by slitting my neck.

“Oh, but you’re taking all the fun out of it my dear. You know we vamps love to tear the skin with our incisors.” I smiled, showing my real fangs,

“So, you do, but I enjoy cutting myself. It adds an element of danger.” She removed her gloves. The bell sounded again, and she turned, blowing us a kiss. “Have a good night newlyweds. I hope to see you again soon.” As soon as she departed, the doors closed.

Aaron harrumphed. “Strange girl, hmm, Ravi?”

I nodded and glanced back at my lover. “Do you suppose she was telling the truth?”

“About cutting herself?”

“About her lover’s appetite, all of it. She is obviously a blood whore. Most vampire masters don’t allow their donors to do anything before drinking from them. We take charge all the time.”

“Well, maybe she is in charge of him.” Aaron gripped my chin and kissed my lips lightly. “Like I will be in charge of you.”

I grinned at Aaron and reciprocated the liplock with more passion and fervor. Again, the bell sounded, signaling we were at our floor.

Aaron pulled away. “After you, my sweet.” He waved his hand towards the doors.

Just when I stepped off, Aaron swatted my buttocks hard enough to sting.

“Ooh. I yelped but didn’t look back. He was right. He was in control tonight and I didn’t have not a single qualm about it.

* * * *

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