My next book! Cover revealed! Thanks to Fantastic Frog for the awesome cover!

The Literary Triad

MM-TakenandCrowned-750x1125BL has been busy, but so has Michael.  Mikey is working on 3 stories right now, including the blog story Sweet Betrayal, a co-authored story with Giovanna Reaves, and his next book, Taken and Crowned. It’s a sci-fi dark romance with forced mating/marriage, enemies to lovers, dub-con, and Stockholm Syndrome, but does have a happy ending.

With so much strife, how can this happen? You’ll have to wait until December to find out. I’m stoked about this book though. I’m not a sci-fi nerd, but I love challenging myself to write new things.

Here’s a tentative blurb. It might change, but it’s the gist of the story. Look for the release late Nov/Early December.

Tagline: Ambrose’s family tradition destroys his plan to be a forever bachelor.

Although Ambrose doesn’t wish to be with anyone long term, he must find a spouse immediately. According to the rules, no…

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