Sweet Betrayal Part Eight

Happy Hump day all! 

Here is another installment from Sweet Betrayal. This one is saucy also, but more sensual. These two definitely have the chemistry. 

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An Offer I Could Not Refuse

Sweet Betrayal


We left the office, fully satiated and covered in the bigots’ blood. Sexier than blood covered suits were the smells of death and sexy swirling around my head. It made me dizzy and hard all at once.

Good thing everyone had left for the day or they would’ve been mortified.

Soon enough, everyone that worked for Garland would now who we were. They had a choice to comply or be killed. Simple as that. Neither of us liked a snitch, so we’d agreed to rid of anyone who wished to tell the populous about us very quickly.

Raviele squeezed my knee after we got in the limo. “That will be the day after tomorrow.”

Hearing Raviele say that, I bounced in my seat like a misbehaved kid. “Really?”


“Why the day after tomorrow?”

“We’re taking the day off.”

“We are?”

Raviele moved in, nuzzling my neck with his nose. “Yes. I want to celebrate your first mauling appropriately.

“By making love?”

“Yes, and by mauling more,” Raviele chuckled. “I know the police frown when we take such liberties, but I can’t help how I feel. Watching you in action is mesmerizing, titillating.”

“Like live porn?”

Raviele nodded. “Porn for vamps and or blood enthusiasts, I suppose.”

I bowed my head and eyed my vampire lover, wondering if he’d allow me to do what I wanted.

Raviele cocked an eyebrow. “What is on your mind, chile?”

“Mounting you.”

Raviele moved back and twisted his lips. “You want to enter me?”

“Yes. I want to feel your tight muscles around my leaking shaft. Fill you with my seed and drink it from you afterwards.”

Oh, I see.” Raviele dragged his nails over my throat. “All right. I’ll make you a deal, lover.”

Watching that twinkle in his eye, I knew it was something that might involve me losing some of my inhibitions. However, to have him wrapped around me I’d gladly do just about anything. “Yes?”

Raviele’s eyes glimmered. He blinked twice. “I will let you fuck me, if I could do the same to you at the Master’s Club.”

“The Master’s Club? What’s that?”

“It’s an underground place for vampires and the breathers who love us. There are two sections. The refined part reminds me of a scene out of a Victorian movie and the other side where they play loud music, play with floggers, ropes, and chains. Many breathers love to watch and partake in the spectacle.”

“And I suppose you want us to be in the refined part?”

“Oh no, my sweet. I wish to fuck you in front of an audience after we tear into a couple of breathers.”

“Really? And when should we do this?”

“Not now, but promise me when I’m ready to visit, you won’t refuse.”

“I won’t. It’s a small price to pay to be inside you, Raviele.” I moved in, covering his lips with mine. I darted my tongue inside his mouth and groaned into his embrace.

Raviele reciprocated the kiss, pulling me in. His hand cupped my jaw, binding me to him.

“My chile. In all my years on this earth, I’ve never allowed anyone to top me, but you…” Raviele brought my hand up to his lips and kissed it. “I will do just about anything to bring you pleasure.”

I smiled, showing my fangs. It did my cold heart good to know how much he loved and cared for me. “This will be pleasurable for us both, my Raviele. You won’t regret it.”

“I know, and later I shall return the favor.” Raviele dragged his incisors along my wrist and licked the vein.

I hissed and threw my head back, enjoying his teeth grazing my flesh. Raviele knew how to arouse me. Other than our bloody kisses, he was well aware how much I loved his mouth on me in any way possible. “Ravi?”

“Yes, Aaron?” Raviele whispered. He moved to my neck, licking and nibbling along my throat.

“Can you tell Otto to get us home quicker?”

Raviele chuckled against my neck, then moved until his mouth was atop mine. He pulled away and cleared his throat. “Otto? Blow every light to get us home.”

“Yes sir.” Our driver spoke through the intercom.

Raviele grinned, covering my lips with his again. My cock, already firm and weeping under my slacks, jerked under the fabric in anticipation of our lovemaking.

Despite being somewhat drained by earlier events, I looked forward to making love until we couldn’t do it anymore.

Never in my human life had I ever been so in love with one being.

And other than Raviele, I’d never feel that way about anyone else ever again.

* * * *

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