Sweet Betrayal – Part Six

betrayalGreetings all. 

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An Offer I Could Not Refuse

Sweet Betrayal


By the end of the day, I was ready to go home. Though my new life as a vampire meant I couldn’t get tired unless I didn’t feed, the day had been mentally draining.

Still, I had just enough left to follow through on my promise with the men who’d made my human life a living hell.

This evening, I would get my revenge on them, making sure they knew that Aaron Winston Garland was not and would not be one to fuck with.

After all the crude things they’d said, I’d enjoy snapping their necks and draining them dry. They were bigots in every since of the word and today they would pay dearly.

With my plan in place, I’d already made the call for these assholes to come up to my office. I’d explained that I was looking to place them on a special team within the company and wished to meet so we could discuss it.

This special team would be part of mine and Raviele’s dinner tonight. All that fat flesh, about six hundred pounds between them Ravi and I could go days without draining anyone. We might even have enough to store in the reserves if needed.

“My sweet.”

When Raviele’s voice sounded, I looked up from the documents on my desk. I smiled. “I’m not ready to go home just yet, my love.”

“Oh, I know. I didn’t want to miss the festivities.” Raviele closed the door and rubbed his hands together. “Nothing does my cold heart better than ridding the world of a few bigots.”

I grinned and closed the folder. I placed it inside and stood to greet him. “Same here. If only we could impose our will on all of them. Sadly, our presence hasn’t changed everyone’s minds for the better.”

“Ah, my dear, it wasn’t supposed to. We are vampires, not miracle workers,” Raviele laughed.

“So true.” I stepped from behind the desk and opened my arms. “Miss me?”

Raviele ambled closer, taking both my hands into his own. Once he brought them up to his lips, he placed gentle kisses on the insides of my wrists and licked them in succession. “Of course, I did. And the meeting we had this morning where you stated your position on our expansion perfectly, aroused me beyond belief. You took that sonofabitch in Europe to task.”

Feeling his lips on me, I bit back a moan and hissed. My cock raging in my pants, I couldn’t stop thinking about what I’d do to him after I’d taken care of the humans that had caused me so much pain over the years.

Trying to calm myself, I flashed him a wry smile. I moved in close, pressing my mouth atop his.

Raviele moaned contently and grasped my ass through my trousers. He reciprocated the liplock, darting his tongue inside of my mouth before completely taking control of the kiss. While sucking my tongue, Raviele ran his fingers along the curves of my buttocks. I knew what that meant, but I didn’t wish to give in now. I couldn’t lose focus on the task at hand.

“Aaron, my chile. I wouldn’t sidetrack you, ever. If anything, it is what you’ve done to me.” Raviele tilted my head and grazed the side of my neck with his fangs.

I hissed. My fangs elongated and throbbed in the same rhythm as my dick. It spurted pre-cum into my underwear, aching for release. “Raviele, please.”

“Please?” Raviele stopped his task a moment.

“Please behave until I’ve killed these men. No question, I want you, but the ultimate arousal would be us enjoying one another with the blood of our enemies on our lips.”

Raviele nodded. I could tell he didn’t wish to comply with my wishes. He might’ve been turned on more than me, even in my heightened state of arousal and bloodlust.

Raviele licked the mark on my neck and stepped back. “You are right, my lovely. My father did just warn me about losing my head. But I cannot help myself. The love and lust I feel for you, Aaron is…”

“Beyond your comprehension. Same for me, Raviele. I had no idea I could fall in love with you so quickly, especially knowing our different upbringings. However, it matters nothing now. I am yours and you are mine. We shall be perfect together for the rest of our days.”

“Agreed.” Raviele only bowed his head, stuffing both hands into his pockets. Apparently, that was supposed to be a way to keep himself in check.

Watching, the normally in control vampire, fidget in his clothing, made me snicker. I had power over him that I could use to my advantage.

Mostly in the bedroom, because our business interests were on par already.

Perhaps I would get to fuck Raviele into our mattress a lot sooner than later.

* * * *

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