Sweet Betrayal Part Five

betrayalGreetings all. 

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An Offer I Could Not Refuse

Sweet Betrayal


Aaron’s lust for murder brought joy to my cold heart, but I couldn’t allow it to deter me from the work that lay ahead. Apparently, my cock disagreed, throbbing more than it had ever done in years. Amazing the effect my child had on me, but there were plenty tasks to distract me from the discomfort in my groin.

As I returned to my office, many of my workers grinned as I past. They couldn’t believe I’d gotten married in such a small amount of time. In reading their minds, some were jealous while others wondered where I’d found the handsome young man. Little did they know he’d been right here the whole time. I’d set out to sire Aaron the day he started at Garland and Flashby. I’d made my presence felt by flirting, talking to him when I could, until my patience had finally worn thin.

Lucky for me, so had his. He was just as enamored with me as I was with him. Good thing he didn’t allow his status of vampire slayer child to get in the way.

When I arrived at my office, I closed the door. I removed my jacket, hanging it up on the nearby coat rack and strolled to my desk. As I sat, I leaned back, making myself comfortable in the chair. I’d be having the meeting with my advisors in a few minutes, so I figured I should rest up before the battle begins.

Just as I got comfortable, my desk phone rang.

“Who could this be?” I pushed the speaker button. “Hello?”


“Yes, father.”

“How are things with you chile?”

I smiled. “Very good. He is bloodthirsty as expected, ready to take on the world.”

“Is that so? I can hardly believe it.”

“Believe it.” I straightened and planted both elbows onto the desk. “I told you he’d be a good vampire, father. His family ties have no bearing on what he has become.”

“We shall see. Anyway, have you planned a date to introduce him to our vampire brothers?”

“Not yet, but…” I stopped talking. I wondered how my father would feel about me revealing myself to my employees.


“What would you say if I told you I’m telling everyone at Garland Flashby that I’m not human?”

“I’d say it’s about time. The people that work there should know. They need to fear you and respect your position.”


“What made decide to do that?”

“My chile, of course. Aaron talked about his enemies and how he wishes to kill them.”

“Ah, really? He had some there?”

“Yes. They doubted him and said he wouldn’t amount to anything. Now he wishes to prove them wrong.”

“Hmm. Maybe he is ready to be one of us. Make sure no one sees what he’s doing either. We wouldn’t want him to get in any trouble.”

“Oh, they won’t. It will be our last business of the day before we go home this evening.”

“Good. I know you’ll be careful, but a new turn has a way of sidetracking us. I’ve seen it repeatedly with fellow bloodsuckers.”

“I well aware of it, father. I will say though, Aaron has rejuvenated my spirit. This is the happiest I’ve ever been as a vampire.”

“I’m glad to hear it. I worried about your state of mind for a long time, son.”

“As you should’ve, but you won’t anymore. I finally have someone to hold close and call my own.”

“Wonderful. Well, let us know when we can celebrate then. Your mother and I are excited to meet the young man.”

“I’m happy to hear that. And I will. Was there anything else father?”

“No. Call me when the date is set.”

“Yes, sir. Goodbye.” I pressed the button and smiled to myself. Obviously, my father wasn’t ready for the things I’d just said, but it was fine time for him to hear them. He’d doubted my loyalty to our vampire brethren because I’d tried so hard to fit in with humans.

Not anymore however, because I’d figured out the hard way, breathers couldn’t be trusted. I was better off as a vamp, with the strength of my family behind me.

Bottom line, I was happier with Aaron by my side.

Now, both of us could grow and learn to appreciate our kind as a team.


I looked up at my secretary. “Yes?”

“The meeting is set to start in ten minutes. A few of the attendees wondered if you’d start early.”

“Sure, why not?” Might as well draw my sword to hear more of the boards complaints about Africa and my release of the CFO.

“Yes, Sir.” She smiled and closed the door.

Those vampires thought they knew what was best for the company, but none had the backbone to lead it as I could.

The name Garland was in front because it came with power and prestige.

My father had started it, and I was merely continuing the tradition.

* * * *

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