Sweet Betrayal – Part One

betrayalGreetings folks!

I’ve started a new story with the same characters from An Offer I Could Not Refuse called Sweet Betrayal. I even made another horrid cover to boot.


Now that I know these characters some more, I might be able to tie up some of the loose ends from part one. 

If you haven’t read Offer, you can read it in it’s entirety, here

* * * *

Part One


“Ignorance is bliss…”

 Living with my new lover, Raviele Garland, the CEO of Garland and Flashby, had been blissful for the past few weeks. He’d kept me out of sight, away from sun, apart from my co-workers, friends, and family just to preserve my human memories. An announcement was made in the papers and delivered to my family by messenger that Aaron Winston had died in a tragic accident. When Honestly, I’d joined with the only being I’d ever loved. I’d found that everlasting love I’d been searching for my entire existence. I’d discarded my human life, turned my back on anyone who cared…

For love.

For respect.

For kindness.

To me it was undeniably worth it. I’d never want another man in my life because I had the ultimate man. One of the world’s leaders who’d developed vaccines for many human diseases. He’d assisted in making life for the breathers better, and continued to improve the quality of life for his vampire brethren.

Although I was sad my former family would find out the truth from my father’s spirit, I wouldn’t allow it to destroy my happiness. The most happiness I’d had in my entire life.

A partner to love and nurture me in every single way.

This is the story of my sweet betrayal.

I have no regrets.

* * * *

After weeks of living in hiding, Raviele decided it was time to make my appearance in the real world. Though I still looked like the same human Aaron, there were slight upgrades. I grew more hair on my head and face. The men in my human family had baldness that struck them early in life.

I no longer had that problem.

Because of donor’s blood and humans, I’d killed for food, my body grew almost twice its original size. My muscles were better defined. I had thicker arms and thighs, even my pecs were bigger. With all these improvements, Raviele made sure every bloodsucker could see that mark on my neck to signify I was his chile. When anyone even looked at me too long, Raviele hissed and clawed like a rabid animal. He warned anyone who thought about touching me would be dealt with in the harshest way.

Talk about territorial.

In a way, it was annoying, but I kind of liked it. I loved belonging to Raviele. Being his lover and offspring gave me new resolve. Before, I was just a human with a normal job, an average apartment, and no real strength. I was unhappy, lonely, and had no real goals in life other than to live the best way I could.

Now, as the chile of the great Raviele Garland I’d be feared, respected, lauded, and special. Raviele was one of the most powerful men on earth and I was his lover. No one would dare rise against him or the vampires because we were too crafty. We had control of everything and no one would stop us… ever.

Perhaps I had gotten a little cocky. I’ve forgotten the humble beginnings my human parents started in. The Winston family was a proud clan of vampire slayers. Jacob and Leslie Winston, along with my brothers, Timothy, Lawrence, Jude, and Laura. From the time we were conceived, they taught us to be thankful, loyal, and fight for the human race despite the cards stacked against us.

However, I never took those lessons to heart. Yes, I was humble.

Despite the cool attitude towards me for not joining the resistance, I continued to support the cause from a far.

As a vampire, I was now the enemy. The very thing my family hated. Though this was somewhat disconcerting, I wouldn’t allow it to take away my happiness.

Bottom line, I had something so much bigger. I had my own family with my fellow vamps as well as my lover, Raviele. I wouldn’t cry over my past life because this one was by far more fulfilling. Besides, the love I’d felt from my new family was more than I’d ever had in my entire human existence.

* * * *

Hope you enjoyed that start. 

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