Rainbow Snippets – Calisto’s Quest

Image may contain: outdoorHello again! Here is the final snippet I’ll be sharing from Calisto’s Quest. I’m writing book 5 of Immortals as we speak!

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Setup: Calisto has been thrown out of heaven. He and Valios are talking about a confrontation Valios had with his own father, Luci. 

“What happened in hell, Valios? We are a couple now, so that means no secrets.”

“Luci and I got into an argument. He got overly angry, but Death stepped in to stop it.”

“Really? Over what?”

“You, of course. Luci was afraid you’d change me. I told him he had nothing to fear.”

Calisto nodded. “Are you sure, love? The Most High said if I brought you over…”

I put my hand up and kissed him quickly. “There will be no changing sides for me, Calisto. I love you, but I will not leave the dark side. I love being a demon and I love my fathers’ dearly.”

“And I feel the same about mine.”

“Even after he nearly killed you?”

“He did not kill me, lover. He made an example of me, which he should’ve.”

“The Most High should understand more about love than anyone.”

* * * *

Hope you enjoyed the pieces I shared from Calisto’s Quest. It’s book four in my Immortals series. Books should be read in order for full enjoyment!

Blurb Calisto’s Quest: A battle between good and evil or does love conquer all?

For centuries Calisto and Valios had been frenemies, growing up in the ranks on two different sides. Over a mortal year ago, Most High granted Calisto one wish. A night with Valios, the Dark Lord’s son. By doing this, he thought Calisto would get over his fascination with the demon. However, Calisto developed feelings for the Soul Catcher that would never disappear.

Valios had lost out on true love in two instances, so he created a harem for himself to forget the pain. Though Valios has feelings for Calisto, his loyalty to his fathers’ Luci and Death must be upheld or he’ll face the wrath of both. Because of this, he’s kept his distance, ignoring his desire for one of High’s most prominent angels. Nothing, not even the commitment he seeks, is more imprtant than making his parents proud.

Once Calisto and Valios realize their emotions for one another run deep, they make plans to have children, which runs the risk of enraging their families and bringing punishment to both.

Calisto and Valios are long time rivals with a chance of gaining something more. Will they bypass it in order stay loyal to their respective sides?

WARNING: Rough sex, violence, and MPreg. Relationships that others might find objectionable.


Book One Demon Be Mine http://bit.ly/2vuHTew

Book Two Immortality’s Gift http://bit.ly/2qJ38EJ

Book Three Anasa’s Awakening http://bit.ly/2HJcRSB

Book Four Calisto’s Quest http://bit.ly/2J8Zivh




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