#MuseMonday – Sitting Down with Ryland Durand

16441250_10210618000619616_410289217_n Good morning!

I’m starting a new thing here on my blog called muse Monday. We do this in the group I’m involved in on Facebook called MM Rainbow Rebels. Authors post pictures, do character interviews, or tell the inspiration behind their stories. 

Today, I did an interview with my own muse, Ryland Durand. Read what my vampire had to say!

* * *

Michael Mandrake: Greetings readers and welcome to another special edition of meet my muse. Today I’m welcoming in Ryland Durand, one of the brothers from the N’awlins Exotica Paranormal universe. How are you Ryland?

*eyes glowing, shows fangs with smile*

Ryland Durand: Very well, thank you Michael. *Ryland adjusts the sleeves on his ruffles shirt*

*Audience oohs and aahs*

Michael Mandrake: And you’re welcome. Well, I see you’re not concerned about showing our viewers what you are.

Ryland Durand: And why would I? Just because I’ve got fangs and enjoy drinking blood doesn’t make me that much different than you? After all, both of us kill for our survival, don’t we?

*eyes turn red, flashes Cheshire grin*

*Michael cocks an eyebrow and nods in agreement*

Michael Mandrake: I suppose you’re right about that one. So, tell the audience more about you and your twin brother?

Ryland Durand: We were born in the 1700’s during the wars with French colonists in Mississippi. White Apple to be exact. After becoming orphans, we were turned by a vampire named Gren Dumont. Gren was our primary caretaker until his untimely demise in the early 1900’s. Then, we left Europe and returned to New Orleans to settle here because it was Gren’s favorite city.

Michael Mandrake: I see. You and Ryder have been through a lot during your three hundred years in existence. And surprisingly, you haven’t killed one another yet…

*audience laughs*

*Ryland chuckles and re-crosses legs*

Ryland Durand: Oh, but I’ve wanted to on many an occasion, believe me. My younger brother is a bit of a spoiled brat. He wants everything his way.

Michael Mandrake: And you’ve always managed to put him in his place. The audience would like to know what’s the biggest difference between the two of you?

Ryland Durand: Although we’ve adopted each other’s personalities I’d say my patience, although I’ve lost my temper on many of an occasion. However, I’ve learned to channel that anger into something positive. It’s easy to lose our heads and do something totally irrational. Humans understand that too, don’t they Michael?

Michael Mandrake: Yes they do. And we’ve learned to use that aggression and turn it into something good.

Ryland Durand: Yes, but I’ve always been a soft soul. However, I believe having Dale and Annerxa in our lives has made the biggest impact one myself and Ryder.

*audience claps*

Ryland Durand: Yes, let’s hear it for Dale and Annerxa.

*Ryland claps and smiles*

He’s so much more than my lover, Michael. I’m so glad you gave him to me. I’d nearly lost him several times. Then, Annerxa came along, bringing joy into the Durand household. What a giving author you are!

Michael Mandrake: Well, you both deserved happiness. You also needed a buffer for when you wanted to put your hands around Ryder’s neck and squeeze until he turns blue.

*Audience laughs*

Ryland Durand: So true. These days we get along better though. Annerxa keeps us all in line.

Michael Mandrake: Indeed. Tell us what’s up next for you?

Ryland Durand: Well, now that the N’awlins Universe is almost completed, I believe you’ll be giving me the chance to showcase my own writing. Correct?

*Audience cheers*

Michael Mandrake: Yes, that’s true. What kind of stories can we expect from you?

Ryland Durand: Stories about our kind facing the many challenges of living amongst humans. You like chaos in your tales and so do I. I’m looking forward to our collaborations.

Michael Mandrake: As am I. Vampires are my favorite paranormal creatures. Should we expect a lot of action in these books?

Ryland Durand: Yes. Lots of action and passion, because vampires are true romantics. I can hardly wait to get started.

Michael Mandrake: Same here. Thanks for sitting down with us, Ryland.

Ryland Durand: Thank you for having me.

* * * *

NOLAEx1Hope you enjoyed.

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Twin vamps Ryland and Ryder Durand are only different in personality while the rest is exactly the same. Ryland, the author is calm and conservative while Ryder the club owner is wild and lewd. However, the brothers share the same dark desire and haven’t informed one another. Will that bring them closer together or sever their relationship for all eternity?

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