An Offer I Could Not Refuse – Part 12

refuse Greetings readers. Here is another installment of this story. 

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Feeling the hunger pangs, I woke startled. I rose from the bed and instantly, I could hear every noise imaginable. The construction on the streets, People talking in the next building. Cars driving the streets, horns honking. Pedestrians in conversation with each other or on their cell phones.

“Ah!” I covered my ears and closed my eyes tight. “Make it stop! All of it! Please!” I yelled at the top of my lungs, wishing Raviele hadn’t stopped me from jumping out that window. If he hadn’t, I’d be dead, but with my father, as I should’ve been when he was alive.


I opened my eyes, watching Raviele running in. “What’s wrong my love?”

“I want to die, that’s what,” I said with malice. “I can hear everything! Every damn thing and its fucking annoying!”

Raviele sat down on the bed and yanked me into him. As if I were his child, he caressed my head and kissed my temple. “Ssh, Aaron. You’ll get used to it. You will.”

“No, I won’t! I’ll never want any of this, Raviele. You should’ve killed me and let me die,” I cried and pushed him hard. He nearly fell off the bed because of my superior strength.

Raviele sat up straight and stared at me. He looked tired right now. Perhaps it was because of me which was good. I wouldn’t feel sorry for him. “Aaron, please. Be patient lover. You will come to love this life as a vamp very soon. It will take time, but it will happen. The best of it is yet to come.”

“Sure, it is. For you.” I fell backwards on the bed and turned my back on him.


“For you as well. And I detect that my young chile is hungry. You want blood, don’t you?”

I closed my eyes tight and pulled the covers over my head. I wouldn’t admit to Raviele that I wanted blood. His blood in particular.

“I…” I stuttered and shifted under the covers. I could lie here and refuse to take blood. Another way to die, right? All I had to do was fight the hunger pains off for a while until my body wouldn’t be able to handle it anymore.”

“Won’t work, young Aaron. You will still live for a while, even with no blood. You took enough from me to last a few days. You might start to look old, you’ll wretch, but you won’t die. I will pump you full of blood even if you refuse. You will not die on me! Not on my watch!”

“How did you…” I got up and eyed Raviele curiously. “How did you know what I was thinking?”

“Weren’t you listening earlier? We are connected, love. All our thoughts are tied together. I know what you want to do before you do it. What you’re thinking. All your desires, your sorrow, pains. I know them all. I feel them all. You won’t be able to hide anything from me.”

“There has to be a way…”

“There isn’t, lover.” Raviele cocked an eyebrow. “You will get used to this life and love this life. There are benefits to being a blood sucker, Aaron. Trust me, there are plenty.”

* * *  *

I hope you enjoyed

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