An Offer I Could Not Refuse – Part 11

refuse Hey folks. Here is more from my vampire romance! Enjoy!

If you haven’t checked out the story, click the link to read the other parts. Enjoy!

An Offer I Could Not Refuse



Due to me staying here with Aaron, I had to work from home. I’d wanted a quiet evening, but there were papers to sign and calls to be made. I would have to get used to it until…


Immediately, I dropped all the files I held and ran towards the bedroom where my lover slept. I should’ve never left his side, knowing he’d probably do something rash.

But why?

Why couldn’t he accept being a new vampire? My new lover?

Apparently, that fighting human spirit had not left him. Good thing, but I must quell his hatred for being one of us.

It was a gift to be immortal. A prize no one should take for granted. I’d have to instill that love for self in him, much like I had to do for myself.

“Aaron!” I yanked the doors open and tackled him to the floor just before any sunlight could burn his body.

Aaron hissed at me, trying to fight. He batted my hands away and began whimpering like a lost child.

“Shh, my love.” I cradled him in my arms, trying my best to console him. I pressed a kiss to his temple and softly ran my hand over his back. “Shh, I am here, Aaron. Don’t be scared. All of this is natural. The fear, the hatred for one self. I went through it too.”

“Take your hands off me!” Aaron tried wrangling himself from my arms. He thrashed about, but to no avail because I was mush stronger than him.

“I won’t. I am your vampire father. Your lover. I will never let you go, my sweet. You are my eternal partner.”

“You’re a murderer! That’s what you are! You lied to me and killed me when you promised you wouldn’t.”

“Only because you tried to kill me. Fire isn’t good for vampires. Though I love flames, I only enjoy them when they’re in a fireplace on a warm night.”

Aaron continued to weep, not saying anything else.

With him in this state, work would have to take a back seat. He was bound to try killing himself again, just to spite me and I couldn’t allow that to happen.

I could easily find someone to take my place with day to day operations. That is what I had other managers for right? Any huge decisions they could phone me here.

Though the business was important. My lover’s well-being was a lot more pressing.


Once I got Aaron to settle down, I closed the curtains. Since this was where he would rest, I would have to put something on them, so he would not attempt this again.

Carefully, I lifted him from the floor, carried him to the bed, and lay him atop the sheets. I wished to make love to him, but I would not due to his mental instability. As I’d said to him, these feelings were totally normal and expected. Still, I wondered would he see the beauty of being a vampire without being shown the ugliness I had to see. Only time would tell. And again, we had an eternity.

Watching him, I noticed Aaron’s vampire features come to form. His well chiseled face became sharper around the jawline. His lips, more plump and kissable. Aaron’s closely shaven head. The hair had grown to cover it completely. Not many distinct changes, but just enough to identify him as a vamp.

Wanting to touch him, I softly ran my fingertips over his head. Even while he was sleeping, I could read his mind. The indecision, the guilt he felt over joining the enemy as it were. Apparently, he was influenced by his father’s spirit. Unfortunately, there was nothing I could do about that. Only assure him that this was the life he was destined to have. A gift that came with the price, but one he should cherish for the rest of his existence.

Here, vampires only killed when they had to. Due to my studies and inventions, they could go days without human blood, meaning, we didn’t have to kill as many breathers. Though there were plenty of donors around. We also had blood banks and centers harvesting artificial blood for those who didn’t wish to drink from the breathers. Yes, there were those few.

And as I’d told father, there were plenty of breathers, who at times didn’t appreciate the life they’d been given and tried to revolt. Those were dealt with right away, becoming a lucky vampire’s meal the moment, they got caught.

Surely, the misconceptions about vampires weighed on my chile. After all, that was the reason why he tried to expose himself to sunlight.

However, I would do what I could to explain to him the beauty of this gift as well as our eternity together as lovers. We had a connection and now that we were bound that could never be broken.

Aaron might not like this, but eventually, he would learn to accept his fate and enjoy it.

* * * *

Hope you enjoyed that! I suppose Raviele and Aaron will have their special bonding moment very soon!

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