An Offer I Could Not Refuse – Part 9

refuse Hey folks! Here is another installment for my story. It’s taking a weird turn! If you haven’t read, here are the other parts!

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“No!” I jerked awake, choking on my own saliva. I heaved in air, knowing right now I was taking the last breath I’d ever take.


Guilt filled me, overtaking any thoughts of lust I’d had before. I cried, wishing I’d never followed the vampire’s instructions. He was conniving and evil. My father wouldn’t be pleased with what I had done. I’d failed him, and it was only a matter of time that his spirit would visit and disown me forever.

“Aaron. You are awake.”

I glanced at my killer my brows furrowed. “Kill me.”

Raviele shook his head. “No. You will drink my blood if I have to force it down your throat myself!”

“Never!” I began coughing and spitting out blood. My throat tightened, and my chest burned. I’d never be able to see sunlight again, all because I’d listened with my cock instead of my brain.

“Enough, breather!” Raviele bit the inside of his wrist and hissed. He closed his eyes a moment and said something inaudible. Then, he placed his arm in front of my wrist. “Drink my love!”

“No!” I huffed, hearing my heartbeat speed up. I was dying. Soon I’d join my father in the beyond, never to be heard from again. Despite this refusal, he would still be angry. It might take a millennium to gain his trust once again, but I’d do anything to make him proud of me.

“Aaron! Drink from me! You are my lover and I will not let you die!”

“I won’t! You told…” I sputtered, trying my best to finish the words. He betrayed me. Raviele, who claimed to love me, murdered me when he said he would bring me pleasure. “You told me, you wouldn’t kill me. And you did. Just like a wretched liar, you did, even though you claimed to love me.”

“I do love you, Aaron. I wanted you for my very own. I could not bear to see you grow old and die. Don’t you see? What kind of being am I to watch the man he loves more than anything, die?”

“You’re… you’re watching me now! I’m dying! You caused… this.” I coughed again, spitting out more bile along with blood. My only means of breath were through my mouth. My nose was clogged with the substance and eventually it would be the end of me.

“I did, but for good reason.” Raviele licked his own wrist, then licked my lips, giving me a taste.

The small sample was bitter. Coppery, but still pleasing to my senses. He’d injected me with his own venom. The vampire venom that made me desire his blood. I needed to resist the temptation to take more.

“Aaron.” Raviele sucked from his own vein, then kissed me hard.

When his blood flowed over my tongue, I latched on to it as if it were my only means of survival. Just that little bit was giving me life.

The life I didn’t want.

But I wanted the man, or rather, the being, that was giving me that life.

Forgive me Father!

Raviele continued to force his blood between my lips and I took it willingly into my own mouth. Despite knowing he was a bloodsucker, a killer, and a liar, it didn’t deter my feelings for him in the least.

Raviele pulled away and straightened. He smiled wide and put his wrist atop my mouth. “Drink my love.”

“If you wish for me to do this, you must feed me from your own mouth, lover.”

Raviele grinned and nodded. He sucked more blood into his mouth then kissed me with more fervor and passion. The kind I had never felt with any other being in existence.

Our tongues tangled in a seductive dance. My breathing slowed to a crawl and I felt myself fading from existence. Though I was dying, my dick stood at attention, weeping under my trousers.

Very soon now, I’d be the vampire that my lover, my maker had always wanted.

“My chile. My love!

Raviele kissed my lips again and pushed his hand atop my wrist for me to feed from as he wanted. I sucked it hungrily as if it were my last meal.

“You will gain more strength this way, lover. If I could feed you my blood to sustain you I would, but it does not work well enough. Drink more. Take as much as you need from me.”

And I did just that, feeding and suckling like a child would from his natural mother.

I would be a vampire. A bloodsucking fiend, hated and lauded just as Raviele was.

But with that, came what I’d been seeking throughout my entire existence.

A love I could keep and nurture for an eternity.


* * * *

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