An Offer I Could Not Refuse – Part 8

refuse Greetings folks. Here is another installment of my story. If you’ve been following through Wednesday Briefs, you might want to read Part 7 first. I missed the cut off to be posted, so read that, then this week. 


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* * * *


Apparently, Aaron forgot I could read minds. No matter what he would try to do, I’d overpower him with ease.

Before I could do anything else, Aaron elbowed me in the chest and I stumbled backwards. I had no breath to lose, but admittedly it did catch me by surprise.

“Aaron!” I screamed after him and streaked to the spot in front of him. My beast was quickly making an appearance. “You cannot escape me, love! You never will!”

“I have to!” Aaron reached in his pocket and pulled out a lighter. When he flicked it, a small flame rose from the tip.

Again, I hissed and backed away from him, knowing that fire could be the end of me. Though I was almost five centuries old, I had no defense against that.

“Leave me alone, Raviele! I’ll keep your secret safe but let me go home!”

The manic look in his eyes gave me pause. I couldn’t believe the same human, the same breather who claimed to love me was threatening to burn me.

Just goes to show not even the ones who hold you dear are completely loyal.


“Aaron. You care for me too much to torch me.”

Aaron swallowed the lump in his throat but kept the lighter in front of him. “I’ll do whatever it takes to survive. Now, let me leave!”

As my faithful servant Oscar approached from behind, I kept my eyes on the man that would soon be my mate for life. I had tried to bring him over the “human” way, coercing him to thinking this would be wonderful for us.


Alas, Aaron had other ideas. Now I would do as many other vampires had done. Taking what was rightfully theirs regardless of how the other party felt.

“We could settle this easily, my good man.” I stalked towards him, so he would back into Oscar and be caught by surprise. That way he would have no means to escape from either of us.

“Noo… I said stay away.” Aaron trembled and waved the lighter at me. He kept moving back. In only a matter of seconds, he would be grabbed.

Another lump in his throat bulged, looking so tantalizing and delicious. I couldn’t wait to taste it. To bite him and make him mine for all eternity. He would be my vampire prince, my lover. Someday we would travel the world and make more vampires just like us.

I stopped and held my hands up. “Fine.”

Aaron tried turning, but before he could, Oscar grabbed him, knocking the lighter out of his hands.

I ran to it and stomped on the lighter, breaking it into pieces. The flame burned my feet slightly and I hissed at the feeling. I would need extra blood to heal, but I’d get plenty after draining my new lover to near death.

“Ahh! Let me go!” Aaron kicked and screamed, but Oscar had a good grasp on him.

“I knew he was trouble, boss. I’m glad I didn’t leave from outside the door.”

“I’m glad too. I probably would’ve been ashes if you hadn’t come along. I assure you will be well compensated.” I walked towards the struggling Aaron who appeared like a fresh fish out of water. I didn’t wish to say anything more now, only quench my thirst and quell the discomfort in my foot.

“Put him down.” I didn’t take my eyes off Aaron.

“Please, Raviele! Don’t!” Eyes widening, looking terrified. Aaron’s breaths labored, and he shook his head.

My fangs lengthened, and I licked them, so Aaron would see how hungry I was for his chestnut brown skin and his blood. I grabbed the back of his head and skimmed his neck with my teeth. The scent of him made my dick hard in my trousers. “Say goodnight, Aaron!”

“You said you wouldn’t kill me! You said!”

I licked that chosen spot on his neck. “Oh, I won’t, love. Remember, this is all for pleasure.” I bit down hard and drank from the hole I’d made for myself. The initial burst of liquid flowing into my mouth was coppery with a hint of sweet.

So good.

So delicious.

“Ahh! Ahh oh God, forgive me father! Ahh!”  Aaron kicked his legs and I grabbed him from Oscar. When I sucked harder, Aaron fell limp in my arms.

“Leave us!”

Oscar turned away and left my penthouse in a flash. I held Aaron, listening to his heart slowing down.

“And now my sleeping beauty, begins our life together. We are forever bound.”


* * * *

Hope you liked. Check out the other briefers at the Wednesday Briefs site or on their individual sites.

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