An Offer I Could Not Refuse – Part 7

refuse  Greetings folks. Sorry I missed out on this past Wednesday’s briefs but I was in NY for the weekend. I did grab a prompt from the list for the briefers and I made a little snazzy cover to the left for my protagonists. 



I’m no cover artist.

Anyway, here is part 7. The last 6 parts are down below.

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* * * *


Feeling Raviele’s hands on me, did several things to my brain and body. When he grasped my buttocks, my hardened flesh ached for him. I sensed moisture in my boxers and my hole throbbed for him to fill it. Goose pimples formed on my skin, the small hairs on my arms and legs stood up on end. Every part of me screamed to stop this madness, stop falling prey to the enemy.

But I couldn’t.

I couldn’t resist this being. This tantalizing, gorgeous, and sexy creature who’d drained many breathers like myself to survive. Why was I into him? Why couldn’t I be into another human and make my parents proud, especially my father, whose spirit always traveled with me?

Raviele pulled away and eyed me curious. “Perhaps because you are more attracted to men with power, right? You love what I could do for you and, to you.”

I moistened my lips and wrangled myself out of his hold. Immediately I felt the sense of loss. Those cold hands gripping my flesh, sending chills and electricity throughout my body. Admittedly, I loved having that desire and I craved to have it for the rest of my existence.

“Of course, you do.” Raviele took one step, grabbing me again. Only an inch or so away from me, he caressed my face with the tips of his thumbnails. “You are attracted to me.”


“And you want me.” Raviele smiled, cocking an eyebrow.

“I…” I struggled to find the next words. I tried to lower my head, but he wouldn’t allow me to.


“Yes, I want you, but I cannot do this. Not in good conscience can I be with you, Raviele. Not for one night, not ever.”

“Ah but that is where you’re wrong, my sweet. You can, and you will be with me. I am your boss. I rule this town and everything in it. That includes you. I care nothing about consciousness.”

“I know. You vamps don’t have them.”

Raviele dropped his wild blue gaze a moment, then met mine again. “That’s where you’re wrong, Aaron. I did have a conscience once, especially when I went through my period of self-hatred. I felt bad for you breathers and what my kind was putting humans through. That all changed when I was betrayed.”

“How? You still haven’t told me.”

“People who I trusted tried to overthrow me. Even after all I’d done, they tried to take my company right from under my nose, thinking I wouldn’t catch on.”

“Well of course, they would. It’s in our DNA to at least try.”

“And no one has for decades… because?” Raviele frowned, waiting for an answer.

“Because we aren’t… well, we aren’t organized. We don’t have the resources to do so. The vamps have everything covered, hidden. Even the humans in power have no say.”

“They do to an extent, but when we took over it was for your own good. You were ready to kill one another, pitting genders, races, cultures, against each other. Before we rose from our underground hiding places, humans were set to go to war.”

“Yes, we were. I agree that it was stupid. No arguments there.”

“Then admit that we were the best things to happen to humankind. We saved you from yourselves. All of you,” Raviele yelled. “You were ready to obliterate one another from the earth. Then we came and set things right.”

“So, you did.” I harrumphed and tugged myself away again. “While it was good what you did, a lot of vamps are treating us like property.”

“As we should be, because again, a lot of you can’t be trusted. Being dishonest and spiteful is a built-in capability for breathers.”

“And vampires aren’t spiteful or dishonest?” I asked, knowing it would cause trouble.

Raviele drew up his lips into a snarl. “We are. We had to be, or humans wouldn’t allow us to take over. Just admit our ruling is the best thing to happen to the earth.”

“I already did that.” I turned my back on Raviele and sighed inwardly. I gulped hard knowing this would irritate Raviele. “Look, I’m sorry, but this was a mistake. I… I can’t do this. If you truly care for me, you’ll let me leave. I swear, I’ll keep your secret. I won’t tell a soul. I’ve done it to this point, and I’ll continue to do it. I’ll take it with me to the grave.”

I heard Raviele click his teeth and in moments, strong hands gripped my shoulders.

Aroused beyond belief I sucked in a breath and closed my eyes. “Please.”

“No. I will not release you, Aaron. I’ve wanted you since you were first born. I’ve always known from day one you’d be mine.”

“Blech. That’s kind of creepy, right?” I tried to inject humor into this conversation while I thought of ways to get out of it.

“Not in the least. You know I am centuries older than you.”

“Hmph, talk about pedophilia,” I laughed.

Raviele grasped my shoulders tighter and yanked me backwards. He wrapped his arm around my neck. His mouth close to my ear since I heard the hiss. “So silly you humans. Tell me, are you a grown man or a child?”

That question told me he didn’t take too kindly to my joke. “Raviele…”

Man, or boy,” Raviele repeated.

I swallowed the lump in my throat down. “I’m a man.” A man with nothing to defend myself with against the vampire. Although my body betrayed me, I had to fight off his advances anyway I could.

Whatever it took to get away from Raviele Garland, I would try to do, even if it meant my death.

* * * *

OOh what next? I don’t even know. Tune in next week I suppose for another part!


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