An Offer I Can’t Refuse – Part 6

Davidg94 Good Morning! Well here I am again with another installment of this tale. Wednesday Briefs is for authors to post 1000 words or less of original fiction on their blog.

If you haven’t been reading this story, here are the last five posts to catch up! I’m really loving it, but not sure where exactly it’s going!



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And now part 6. Things are getting a little heated!

* * * *


Despite his cries, I had every intention on bringing Aaron to my side. It might take longer than I wanted, but then again, I was an immortal and I had an eternity.

Aaron’s brown eyes met my gaze and I caressed his warm face. I dragged my fingers around his jawline until I reached the Adam’s Apple at the center of his throat.

Appearing afraid, Aaron swallowed hard making the luscious lump I wished to bath with my tongue disappear. “Raviele.”

“Say my name, again, my sweet.” I leaned in close, nuzzling his neck with the tip of my nose. Though we as vampires couldn’t breathe, his scent surrounded me, making me heady. I was fully intoxicated, wanting more than just this moment between us. I wanted lust, love, his body under mine, taking my thick length inside of him.

“Raviele, I… this, we… can’t.” Aaron’s breaths sounded hampered, but I could tell he hungered for me. “You’re my boss.”

Fully aroused, I grazed his ear with my teeth, then pushed the tip of my tongue inside his earlobe. “So, I am. That doesn’t stop a thing.”

“It makes things more complicated. People will find out.”

“Honestly I don’t care what people think,” I said in response, still nuzzling Aaron’s neck. “I’m no longer concerned about making friends. Breathers cannot be trusted.”

Aaron pulled his neck away and met my gaze. “How do you know you can trust me? I am however a son of a vampire slayer.”

I smiled sweetly at Aaron. “That my dear, is what makes it more challenging. The son of a slayer enamored with a vampire.”

Aaron dropped his gaze and shook his head. He appeared confused by what I’d said. “I…”

To stop him from saying anything more, I held my hand up. “No. I don’t wish to hear your feeble attempts at trying to convince me that you’re not into me. You are Aaron. I’ve known this from the very first day you began working for me.”

“Well, I couldn’t help it, right? I was attracted to the man with power. The leader, who I thought was human,” he said in haste.

“For a minute, I was. I made myself believe I was exactly that. Then a few of your coworkers betrayed me, and I became vampire once again.”

Aaron moved away from me, appearing shocked. “Betrayed you? How?”

“They wished to overthrow me, Aaron. From then on, I knew I could not truly trust a breather.”

“But I am a breather.”

“You are.”

“And you trust me?”

“I do.” I said while pulling his head closer to mine for us to share a kiss. If anything would make him bend to my will it would be a shared embrace.


Enough, Aaron. I trust you implicitly. I do because I know how your body reacts to me. How you want me with you, inside you, around you. And I could be just that. Your vampire, your man, your protector, regardless of the fact we are of two different species.” I collapsed my lips atop his, thrusting my tongue in between his lips. The moment our tongues connected, my arousal spiked ten-fold and I grabbed his buttocks with both hands, melding his body to mine.

“Raviele!” Aaron cried out, shuddering under my touch. His body tensed in my hold and I felt him trembling as if he were about to lose all control of himself right then.

I have him.

No man, no matter if he was a slayer’s son or a slayer could resist my charms.

Raviele Garland wouldn’t take no for answer, especially when I’d known my desired was just as hot and bothered for me as I was for him.


* * * *

Whew! Things just got interesting.

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