An Offer I Could Not Refuse – Part 5

NathanOwensGreetings readers! Welcome to the Wednesday Briefs. Here is another installment of my free story, An Offer I Could Not Refuse, Part 5

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Before long, the elevator had stopped on the floor of Raviele’s penthouse. The doors opened, and the doorman shoved me out, then took his spot behind me.

“Move, breather,” he barked, then added a hiss.

I only nodded and continued down the long hallway. The walls were grey and there were no windows. Only plush carpet under my feet and a double door at the end with golden knockers and knobs.

Once we arrived, the doorman grabbed the knocker to signal our arrival.


“Sir, your guest his here.” The man said in a much more gentler voice than he’d used with me.

“Send him in, Oscar and thank you.”

Oscar grinned, then turned to me. His smile turned down. “Don’t you dare even think about hurting him or I will rip your throat apart. Do you understand?”

“Crystal,” I said quickly.

Oscar opened the door and pushed me in, the closed it shut behind me. There would be no escaping and if I even thought about defending myself, I’d be a dead man.

So, instead of wasting time, I made my way through the dimly lit hallway. Classical violins and piano sounded from another room and only the candles provided light for me to see where I was going.

“Aaron. I am so glad you could join me.”

That voice.

I stopped in my tracks and gulped hard, hearing the deep tone belonging to the one and only Raviele Garland. I held on tighter to the bottle, waiting to see what would happen next.


“Sir,” I said in a meek voice.

“Come. I will not bite, my good man. Unless you want me to.”

I shook my head and starting walking further into room. Such a weak line, but nearly every vampire used it. Humans used it too, but at least from them I didn’t take it as a literal threat.

With every step, my heart pounded hard in my chest, Blood rushed to my ears and heat surrounded my body making me sweat. I swiped my tongue over my lips and stopped at the opening to what I assumed to be another room. I looked ahead and froze, finding who I assumed to be Raviele sitting in complete darkness.

“Come, my friend.”

“I… I can’t see.”

Right then, I noticed a flame rise and Raviele’s semi-pale face appeared. “I prefer to keep things dark, Aaron. It is much more romantic.”

“Well, that’s great, but I can’t see well enough to walk over there.” I lied about that because actually the tiny bit of moonlight shining from behind the curtain along with the flame Raviele held was plenty. I didn’t want to move because I was scared out of my wits.

“Then I will come to you, I suppose.” Raviele spoke in that alto voice and the flame disappeared. Only seconds later, I heard a whoosh and strong hands gripped my arms, squeezing them tight.


“Yes, my lovely. Welcome to my home.” Raviele’s iced blue eyes met my gaze and his fangs lengthened.

“Oh God, please don’t kill me,” I screamed and begun struggling out of his grip. As I tried wrangling out of his hands, the bottle slipped from my hand, but I didn’t hear it shatter.

“Ah, my dear. This bottle of wine is too good to waste isn’t it?”

I stood in place, shocked at the fact it didn’t break.

“Mind control, my dear. I stopped it from breaking.” Raviele said and eyed the bottle. When he did, the bottle suddenly had a mind of its own, soaring through the air, most likely to somewhere it could chill.

“Yes, to the wine fridge. We will have that later. And do not worry, I will not kill you, Aaron. In fact, it will be exactly the opposite.”

Listening to Raviele speak, I swallowed hard and gripped my fists tight. Did I have enough courage to ask him what he wanted to do?

“You… you won’t,” I stuttered and blinked several times to get my bearings about me.

“No. The only reason I will kill you is if you’ll want to become my mate. And eventually, that will happen, but for now, I only want to give you pleasure.”

“Pleasure? No, we… I can’t.”

“You are attracted to me, Aaron.” Raviele slid his arms down the length of my arms until he reached my fingers. He clasped both my hands into his and brought them up to his lips.

Despite my attraction for him, the panic set in. I could not in good conscience be anything more than his worker. “I… I am, but I cannot… I will not.”

Raviele lightly but my knuckles and kissed them all again. “You can… my dear Aaron. And you will!”


*  * * *

Hope you enjoyed that little bit. I’m really loving this story. Something my new alter ego, RM can play on when he begins his writing career. *grins*

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