Rainbow Snippets Calisto’s Quest

CalistoCoverGreetings all. Today I’m posting again for the Rainbow Snippets group on Facebook.

Instructions: Post 6 lines from your release or WIP. Has to be GLBTQIA characters only. Here is more from Calisto’s Quest! This one is a little on the racy side. 

I went a little bit over, but it needed to be posted to get the full idea. 😉

To read the last one, click here

* * * *


We can talk more about that later, Cal. As much as I’d like to chat with you about interior design, I’d much rather enjoy feeling your flesh underneath mine. Are you still in need of that drink?” Valios slid the jacket from Calisto’s shoulders.

Calisto allowed it to fall to the floor. Again, his breath caught in his chest and he wrapped his arms around Valios’s muscled torso. “No, that won’t be necessary.” Calisto lowered his lids. “Val, please, do… do what you will with me,” he stuttered. Calisto’s cock throbbed, and his body ached to be filled.

* * * *

Hope you enjoyed.

Calisto’s Quest is book four in the Immortals series by Michael Mandrake. Should be read in order. 

Please visit the Rainbow Snippets group on FB to read snippets from other talented authors.

6 responses to “Rainbow Snippets Calisto’s Quest

  1. Whew! Steamy. And I really like your image at top. Double whammy. On a side note, I am annoyed that FB didn’t notify me of new comments on this weekend’s thread. ~sigh~ That said, thank you for sharing. And Happy Writing!

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