An Offer I Could Not Refuse – Part 3

NathanOwensIt’s been a while since I went back to this story, but it spoke to me again, so I let it flow. I now have a muse for the other character. Perhaps they will continue speaking!

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* * * *

Much to my dismay, I had become one of those humans. I’d gotten used to the way things were done. Vampire rule was crafty and well, even if it did seem like more of a dictatorship, the world seemed to thrive on the bloodsucker’s domination. Although vampires could be just as greedy as humans, all the rulers seemed to get along a lot better than their human predecessors. There were still some humans in lower positions in the governments to negotiate with the people, but the vampires held high rank.

The structure was simple. A monarchy, with a king and his partner, as well as a parliament with about seventy percent vampires and thirty percent humans. Though there was no balance, there were benefits to going the vampire’s way. Sure, the decree to follow or die, was clear, but they did make sure we were comfortable. And with all the leaders working together, there really wasn’t a power struggle between countries as there had been in the past.

With that positive dynamic, why should we fight back? There was no poverty. All breathers, another term they used for us, were making money and living well. Garland had made sure that humans stayed for the most part, disease free. Health care was overseen by the vamps also, so there was no more insurance, and everyone made a similar wage.

Even with all this, there were plans for an uprising to take our world back. My family was a big part of it and wished for me to join the fight. I, however, declined, saying I didn’t have the strength to battle anyone. Little did they know, I had no desire to because I was content with current rule, and in lust with one of the top vampires in the world.

* * * *


I’d been impatiently awaiting my employee, otherwise known as my treasured guest, for over an hour. He was not late yet, but my excitement was getting the best of me. Not to mention, my virility which hadn’t been this rock hard in several centuries.


After years of trying to get young Aaron to fall prey to my charms, I had finally broken through.


I’d always known this man to have some feelings towards me, even if he was the child of a menacing vampire slayer.


Some slayer!

Jacob Winston didn’t last long against the vampire horde that ravaged the small revolt camp almost fifteen years ago. The bloodsucker fighting him, easily won out, slamming a sword right through the heart. In my mind, he’d deserved it, especially after leading the charge that killed over one hundred vampires only a year or so prior. No one plans a carnage party against us and lives to tell about it.

Now, Jacob’s son, Aaron, who was smart enough not to join the slayer party, was in my sights. When he came to man at the age of eighteen, looking for a position, I dismissed all the other applicants immediately.

Of course, my father warned me, saying a slayer’s child could be my undoing, but I assured him that wouldn’t be the case. Besides, I loved a challenge. I relished in the thrill of knowing the man I fancied was related to someone who’d enjoyed ridding the earth of my kind. There were times I hated being a vampire too, which was why this was even more intriguing. However, these days, I’d begun to take pleasure in it, loving all the attention and reverence. I was somewhat of a savior after all.

With that title under my proverbial belt I could begin finding a mate. My parents had wanted me to for eons, but I reminded them how busy I was building the empire now known as Garland and Flashby enterprises. Without that going, I wouldn’t achieve my goals of being respected and well known for something other than being a vampire. Back when I’d loathed my existence, I wished to shed anything tied to being a vamp, in order to appear more normal. By helping humans become healthy, I’d done that, and now, under my father’s ruling since he had the Americas as his territory I had essentially become lauded, caring for the breathers’ best interests.

No one suspected a thing, only thinking I was a very ambitious human who’d made good with both sides, doing things for the welfare of the American communities. While this was all true, I’d also seen the ugly sides of the breathers. Even after doing what I’d thought they’d wanted me to, they were still planning to overthrow me from my own company. The moment I received word, I had those individuals dealt with and I became as my father, only using the beings for skilled labor.

That betrayal also drove me to force them to make a choice. Become one to keep your positions, or die, because I didn’t trust any of them to keep my secret. Out of the twenty-five, fifteen elected to be vamps, while the others picked death. A worthy thing on their part I suppose, not wanting to live as vampires. It could be seen as noble even.  Or maybe they thought my kindness would check in and I’d take pity on them.


They’d betrayed me in the worst way and I wouldn’t forgive them no matter how much I quote on quote liked them. And instead of making it easy on them and the ones who chose to live as vamps, I had my new vampire children kill the ones that decided to die by making all the disobedient ones their first meals.




Well, I’m not human.

Why should I allow those I thought could be trusted to undermine me? And, just to make sure that those who did choose to be vampires weren’t only doing it to save their own asses, I made them eat their colleagues.

A worthy test in my eyes.

That would teach them that I wasn’t playing around when it came to loyalty in my company.

* * * *

Hope you enjoyed that piece.

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