An Offer I Could Not Refuse – Part 1


Greetings everyone. I decided to participate in the Wednesday briefs again to sharpen my skills to write short stories. I hope you enjoy this little snippet I wrote off the top of my head.


For the longest of time, I’d been avoiding him even when I knew in my heart what I wanted; a committed relationship where I could call that other person my very own. Yet, I was too afraid to accept his advances. He’d approached me several times, offering a romantic dinner on the rooftop overlooking the city, and in every instance, I’d refused.  Despite my intense attraction for this being, I could not fathom betraying those who were close to me.

On several occasions, he tried his best to convince me otherwise. Every chance he got, he would somehow figure out when I was alone and where. He’d interrupt whatever I was doing, and I had no choice but to listen to his offer. Unfortunately, because of our professional relationship, I could not ignore him, even if I wanted to.

The message from my first in charge was clear. “You could have the opportunity of a lifetime if only you would accept. Come to my home, and bring yourself, along with a bottle of wine.” By inviting me over, we’d avoid starting rumors between fellow associates. The boss however was a hot commodity and anyone knowing might take issue with the fact I’d been approached by him.

Nevertheless, I continued to decline. I could not in good conscience, agree to meet with him. After all, he had secrets I might not be able to keep. Things he’d done just to survive, and I would be privy to that information, feeling the pressure to inform someone of his true identity. For, I was the enemy to him and his kind. Too many clashes had occurred between our people.

Regardless of those events, my feelings for him never waned. They lingered, changing from subtle emotions to the desperation I’d been experiencing for the last few weeks. No matter what I’d done to rid myself of these wretched emotions they remained.

Why must, I, the son of a slayer, be in love with a vampire? His kind had lived amongst us, still preying on humans because it was their means to survive. Although there were alternatives to blood so as not to upset the balance between humans and vampires, many of them preferred to kill us anyway, regardless of the penalties for doing so. In all truth, I believed he was one of them, but I could not prove it. Just one of the many reasons a relationship between us would not work.

Now, in spite of that guilt consuming me whole, I’d finally given in to what my boss offered. Once he received my verbal acceptance, he left instructions on my desk along with a small bag for our evening together.



Bathe or shower in the body wash in the package. Dress in formal attire without spraying overbearing cologne on yourself or your clothes. Leave the house precisely at seven p.m., then stop at my preferred merchant Leneils to buy a bottle of Rosette wine, tinged with blood in order for both of us to enjoy. Then, drive to my address on west 12th street on Macadoor, near the downtown area. Leave your car with the valet, telling him you are here to see Mr. Garland. He will radio to the person at the desk to escort you to the elevator, where you will ride to penthouse two and I shall be waiting.

Do not leave any later than what you are told. Promptness is not only essential, it is required.

 After reading over his letter more than once, I had an inkling to rescind my acceptance and tell him I couldn’t go through with it. However, the desire to at least experience Mr. Raviele Garland won out, so I returned the letter to its holding place to read again and follow his commands when I returned home.

Although I had work to complete, I could not stay focused on the tasks at hand. My brain replayed scenarios as if on loop, along with my deceased father screaming at me, about the ultimate betrayal. Good thing he wasn’t alive to witness the abhorrent sin I’d just committed because lust, loneliness, or was it in fact, love?

* * * *

I hope you enjoyed that. We shall see what my brain will come up with next. In the meantime, please enjoy the other briefers!


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