Immortal Series by Michael Mandrake


The Immortals series is the last facet of N’awlins Exotica.

It is a set of 5 paranormals with vampires, shifters, and demons. 

Oh My!

Overall Series Blurb:

In The Realm, immortals and their mortal mates or servants roam what is known as the third plane–the middle connection between heaven, earth, and hell. The son of the Dark Lord and Death rules that plane, recruiting fallens, vampires, shifters, and dragons. In return for their allegiance, Valios includes them in his horde and promises them eternal life as Soul Catchers, the most high of all souled demons who are always prepared to fight the Great War for prominence in the universe.

Although immortal, the beings of this world are not perfect, needing to work towards it as a goal in their eternal existence. In the meantime, beings encounter emotions and feelings similar to that of humans, such as consciousness, remorse, anxieties, fear, and love.

Follow the beings of The Realm and their stories of learning to accept their imperfections as they continue to maintain the life the Dark Lord requires. Even though they’re demons, not all good qualities are forgotten by souled demons on the third plane.

Series Book Order

Book One Eli and Zylen Demon be Mine

Book Two Valios/Ryland/Ryder/Dale MPREG Immortality’s Gift

Book Three Anasa’s Awakening 

Book Four Calisto’s Quest Valios and Calisto

Book Five  Mercurio’s Mating 

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