Works in Progress


Greetings all.

I really need to start updating this site on a regular basis. My excuse is a good one however because I’ve been working my fingers to the bone on the keyboard. I’m pretty sure I’m developing carpel tunnel and by the way, sitting at the laptop and eating God knows what isn’t good for my girlish figure either.


But, it is what it is.

Enough about the troubles, what about the works in progress? That is the title of this post after all.


So, yes, the graphic above I made for my WIP SMOKE which I finally finished on Wednesday 4/19. It was quite a feat. Smoke had been on my WIP list for about four years. I started it for Nano last year, then let it sit for two months before finally finishing this month. It ended at 117K, which is my longest story to date. I’ve never written anything that long. In fact, none of the muses had encapsulated BLMorticia who wrote 89K for Wounded Pride. Wounded ended up being 20K less upon the 2nd rewrite. Now, I’m expecting SMOKE to be cut some more since it’s with the betas. It is going to a publisher so unfortunately there is no release date unless Shar decides to change her mind.

More on SMOKE at Shar’s writing journal

Then there is another WIP I co-wrote with Remmy Duchene titled Love at the Right Tempo. In this story, I take a cue from BL not only stealing her co-author, but also writing about a musician. He isn’t a rocker though, and that’s all I’ll tell you about it. Tempo was sent to a publisher just 2 days ago, so we’ll see what happens with that. I’ll make sure to keep you posted.

Currently I’m working on Immortals book one which is titled Demon Be Mine. This is the last facet of N’awlins Exotica. You won’t necessarily have to read Nola Exotica or the twins series to follow it because I will try giving as much info as possible. However, if you want to get full understanding of where the characters came from, then you should read both the series books. Click the links to find out more.

I’ve also started the spinoff tale for Nola Exotica called Nola Nuptials. A reader asked me to write a story that ended with a wedding for Nola Exotica so I’m doing just that. I plan to have both of these stories done and released by end of May.

PROTEKT 3 is next on the docket. I’ll be redoing the synopsis and sending it to my editor. The books will still be loosely connected so you wont have to read the others in order. I’m hoping to get that to a publisher as well.

Lastly, the prequel for the twins, Our Father Gren Dumont. I’m hoping to work on that as well so I can put all six books in paperback form in a box set.

There are more things planned for the end of the year, but Shar plans to give BL back the reigns in June. Such is the problem with sharing a head with several other muses, eh?

*Shar nudges me with her elbow*

Okay, okay. Sorry. *shrugs*

Anyway, thank you for listening to all of my news and to everyone who reviewed Nola Exotica, I thank you for all taking the time to read it. It has been a fun ride and I will miss writing Frankie and the Detective team. I do plan a couple of spinoffs in the future, however. One for the Chief, Quinn Murray as well as another Rawiya and I will work on. When these are started, I’ll make sure to keep you posted.

Until next time!

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