Saturday Sips – See No Evil

seeevil2 Happy Saturday everyone. It’s Saturday, so that means it’s time for a sip. We need to do these more often, right? Especially for a new release. See No Evil release Monday and is available at Amazon, Smashwords, and Payhip.

Here is the blurb as well as an excerpt!

BLURB: Christmas comes sooner than expected in the Big Easy.

With the serial killer on the loose, the Crescent City has become a place of nightmares. Inflicting terror on New Orleans has been his first order of business, and now, due to a recent faux pas, he’s on the run from district nineteen police.

In the midst of this is trans dancer Naomi Beneviere. Naomi is concerned about her safety after three other dancers wound up dead at the hands of the serial killer. To make matters worse, she dreams of their murders and possible details about the suspect.

Crime Scene Investigator Waylon Mooney is the top CSI on the case which has been plaguing the city. Waylon is meticulous and a hopeless romantic, but his social skills are a little off. After a series of dates with Naomi and many sleepless nights, Waylon is ready to take the next step in their relationship, but the killer on the loose may hamper their progress.

Will Waylon be able to assist in finding the killer? And will Naomi Beneviere finally have the chance at a true relationship with Waylon?

See No Evil concludes the N’awlins Exotica series. All books must be read in order.

Link to Books 1-5


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December 7, 2015 New Orleans Police Station Nineteenth Precinct

“So you’re saying you got someone who saw him? The actual killer?” Waylon Mooney ran his hand through his hair and said a silent prayer to the gods above. Could it be the ending of this case that lingered for almost a year, making the whole city, crazy?

“Yep. We think so.”

Thank- fucking-Christ!

“Waylon? You still there, man?”

Waylon shook his head, listening to Officer David Mulroney talk. David so happened to be on the beat with Ernest Blakely when they found what could’ve been the serial killer’s sixth victim. However, something happened in the interim to change her fate.

Something magical.

Something extraordinary.

Did Ryland or Ryder have anything to do with this?

When Waylon thought about Kajika Fortier’s immortal family members, he wondered if they had done something to make things easier on the department. Ryland did say they couldn’t interfere because it would upset their elders. Perhaps Ryland felt it important to disobey. Either way, Waylon was very grateful because NOPD wasn’t successful on finding the serial killer on their own. Truthfully, they’d needed some kind of otherworldly intervention to catch this nutjob.


Hearing David bark through the phone, Waylon grimaced and removed his glasses. He’d been working ten to fifteen-hour shifts so his partner Moto could go home to his family. When he wasn’t at work, he’d been spending time with N’awlins Exotica’s hottest dancer, other than Kajika Fortier, Naomi Beneviere. Waylon had a crush on Naomi that spanned about three months and they were finally getting to know one another better.

“Shit. Sorry, David.”

“Dude, you need sleep. Maybe if you guys get this case cracked you can take some time off and spend it with your new gal.”

Waylon heard the smile in his voice.

“Maybe.” Waylon thought of his girlfriend. He yawned and toyed with the arms on his glasses. “So, you bringing the lady in once she’s checked out by the hospital?”

“Well, Frankie and the others are on their way to question her. I’m sticking around too since I found her.”

“Good man. Y’all do that. I sure hope the one she describes is the right guy ‘cause this fuckers’ been a freaking ghost!”

“Yep, I agree. All right. Get some rest, will ya? We’re gonna have samples from the rape kit to be analyzed so we could see if anything matches up with Jesselyn or Callie.”

“Will do. I’ll talk to ya’ in the morning.”

“Yes, sir. Good night.”

“Night.” Waylon hung up the phone and dropped it on the cradle. His cell phone had been buzzing during the whole conversation with David, but he couldn’t answer it.

Curious, Waylon finally plucked it from his back pocket and looked at the screen.

Six missed calls.

Two texts.

All from Naomi.

Waylon grinned, knowing how much she probably missed him. He felt the same about her and made it known when they had dinner together two nights ago. It was cut short because of a breakthrough Moto claimed he’d had. It only turned out the bastard wanted to go home.

That move pissed him the hell off. Still, there was nothing Waylon could really do once he made it make to the station.

Bottom line, Moto was the senior crime scene investigator and called the shots in their department, and unlike Waylon Mooney, he had someone to go home to.

Once Waylon said his goodbyes to the CSI’s on the graveyard shift, he ran through the light snow on the ground and jumped in his car to head home. Thank goodness he didn’t live too far from the station because he might’ve not been able to make it due to exhaustion.

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