Writing Writing Writing See No Evil!

Writing See No Evil with Rawiya

Rawiya Erotica

seeevil2 Good morning! I’m so stoked to be writing again. Isn’t it cool to have 2 muses collaborating? It means I’m sort of crazy right? Okay, okay, I admit, yes I am.

I’m really excited to be writing the last book in the N’awlins Exotica series, See No Evil. I am doing it by the seat of my pants, but I already know the main things I want to happen, just putting them together seems to be the challenge.

Alot to be done with this book. The romance with Naomi and Waylon, the serial killer still running from the police and oh, how will they catch him? Then there’s my vampire Ryland who is trying to help, but really can’t because of his vampire code. LOL

Yep, it’s sort of confusing, but I hope to get all the plot points settled in this book and end this series with a…

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