Saturday Sips – On the Run

Michael Mandrake - On The Run Cover As promised, here is a sip from On the Run …

Devlin continued walking towards the golf course and far away from the Paul and Mick’s place just to get out of earshot of Miranda and her mates. Although he himself thought Aiden’s comment was hilarious.

“All right, m’love. That was funny, hysterical even but… you must remember they are doing a favor to us, hmm?” Devlin crossed his arms over his chest.

“Yes, I know. Was it something I said? I mean, I do like Depeche a lot more and by the way, I’ve never heard of their stupid band.” Aiden rubbed the back of his neck.

Devlin twisted his lips, trying his best not to drool at the sight. He could imagine licking the perspiration there and kissing his soft lips until they swelled up like a balloon.


“Ahem, yes well, Aiden, I believe Miranda mentioned something about them and Depeche not being on the best of terms back in the day. You know, right before we pulled up to their home?”

“Uh, no, actually I don’t remember that. Maybe that’s when I stopped listening to her because occasionally, I gotta tune her out. You know she still doesn’t trust me, right? She doesn’t even want to leave us alone in the same fucking room!” Aiden threw up his hands and shook his head. “I told her, where the fuck am I gonna go? I don’t know anything about Quebec, and knowing the way she has everyone around her trained she probably told Mick and Paul to shoot me if I dared to go anywhere out of her or their sight. You’re the only one that gets me, or at least tries to.”

“Yes I do, but I know where m’girl is coming from, my friend.” Devlin turned away a moment to keep himself under control. They needed more time to get to know one another before locking lips. “Just stay calm, right? We have a bit over two weeks, until we can deliver you safely into the hands of the proper authorities. I’ve been doing some digging on one of the US Marshals through a source I have on the inside. Her name is Kelly Bradderton. I’m going to have Miranda deliver you to her while I go deal with Ora one on one. I want you to get a chance to tell your story without interference.”

“No, uh uh, no.” Aiden gripped Devlin’s shoulders pulled him close. “No man. I’m not taking the stand without knowing you’re all right. I can’t, Brit. I−”

Devlin swallowed hard and closed his eyes, willing his cock to go down beneath his linen Gabbana trousers, but it wouldn’t behave. He sucked in a breath and looked straight ahead, noticing the sun setting over the mountains in the backdrop. Peaceful. Devlin desired that peace for himself and Aiden after all this was wrapped up into a neat little package of memories.

“Brit.” Aiden moved slightly, lining his crotch up with Devlin’s ass. Even through the fabric they were both wearing, he could feel Aiden’s erection bulging underneath.

This is torture.

Bloody torture to be this close to a man and not know anything about him just yet. That would be changing while they still had these three weeks left.

Two weeks before he’d face Ora and hopefully win the battle.

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