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Greetings readers. A little news about N’awlins Exotica. Back in 2012, I came up with a magnificent idea. Why not write a series set in New Orleans about a detective who dates a stripper. Oh it was a wonderful idea and while writing the book, I came up with more books in the process. It spurred on 3 separate series, where the characters for Kajika Fortier and Frankie Choteau were also mentioned in the paranormal side with the twins as well as a possible collection involving Rawiya’s WIP’s called Masquerade.

Well, 4 years later and the series is almost complete. Today while I uploaded Hell Hath, I figured this series has run it’s course. The last N’awlins Exotica book will hopefully been done and edited by Christmas. That’s the goal anyway. In that book I intend to wrap up the serial killer plot as well as bring Naomi Beneviere and Waylon Mooney together. In my opinion, it’s a wonderful ending and I hope that anyone who has kept up will appreciate it.

I also figured that part of the collection needed to be dropped. So, much to the dismay of my other muse, Rawiya, I’ve decided to drop the idea to have a full Masquerade series. I’ll still be publishing a book for the characters, but there will be no need to have any more books to carry on.

I will however be writing the immortals parts of N’awlins Exotica, which is an urban fantasy with Kajika and Frankie, along with Ryland, Ryder, Dale, Naomi, and Waylon, guest starring in those books. At the moment, I have 6 scheduled, but it might be cut down to 3 or 4 depending on how I weave the story surrounding it. Since I’m writing under Michael solely, I’m plotting the whole series out and doing character arcs. I’m looking to start this series now and hopefully have the first one done by Halloween with book 2 not too far behind it.

In the meantime, please get into the other parts already available. N’awlins Exotica is on Amazon, ARe, and Smashwords while the Twins series are on Smashwords.

To celebrate Hell Hath’s release, I’ll be doing a sale next week for the first 2 books on all outlets. They’ll be discounted for 99 cents! Keep an eye out for the news!

Thanks much

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