Updates and a Big Thank You

Michael Mandrake - On The Run Cover  Good morning all. I haven’t been blogging much. Okay, not at all. *sulks* Between working the edj, getting the kid ready for college, and raising a “grown” eight year old, I’ve been neglecting my muses. I haven’t been on FB much either, mostly just to check in with my groups and maybe socialize.

Then, there is my email. *sulks* I hadn’t checked on Michael’s email for a while because I forgot my password.

Well, I signed in this morning and noticed an email from my publisher about On the Run being voted runner-up in the interracial romance category.

*sighs* Ah, it was almost a month ago and though I noticed all the people who were nominated, somehow I missed my own damn nomination!


This is the problem with having more than one muse. I have been writing, but not much else. I haven’t touched any of my blogs since before I left for New Orleans, and I recently said how I missed it. So, I need to make the time again and not get locked out of my email. GAH!

Okay, now updates. Ironically, I just finished Closely Guarded, Book 2 in the PROTEKT series. So after my betas tear into it, I’ll be sending that to the publisher. I’m finally starting the Durand Twins prequel with their maker Gren Dumont this week. I’m stoked to be doing that story because Michael has wanted to finish it forever.

Rawiya has a release coming April 1st called Mocha Kiss and Coffee through Thirteen Below Press and BLMorticia has The Odd Couple which I’m self publishing. I hope to release it on the 31st.

As far as my other writing, I’m finishing edits on the follow up to Wounded Pride for BLMorticia and then Hell Hath No Fury is about halfway to completion. Once I get done with the twins, I’ll be going back to my Metalrotica series and finally doing Hirah Blaze’s trilogy.

Yes, lots on the plate. A lot, but this email, though I opened it 3 weeks late, made my day. Thanks LRC for the award. It’s SWEET! It’s going on my sidebar!




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