Updates and Today’s Sale at ARe for Pride Publishing

Michael Mandrake - On The Run Cover    Greetings all. I’ve been pretty quiet on the blogging front with the day job as well as  writing. Trying to satisfy several muses is a very hard task, but I’m trying my best.

I’m actually in New Orleans today, but I wanted to take a little time between sight seeing to update you on some things with all 3 names.

Right now I’m working on the follow-up to On the Run, Closely Guarded. It’s a re-write and it is over halfway done. I’ll be sending it in hopefully by the end of February. I’m also working on book 4 of Nawlins Exotica, Hell Hath No Fury for Michael and BL. This won’t be done until probably March/April but I hope for a May/June release.

For BL, the next book will be a comedy romance called Odd Couple. I’ll be sending it to my editor so look for a release late this month or early March. BL will also be doing Hell Hath and wrapping up the sequel to Wounded Hearts. We hit some snags but I hope we have those worked out. BL is also doing a lesbian fic with another co-author and we hope to get that out in the summer.

Rawiya’s next one will be a re-do of Smooth Like Latte and Time to Make the Donuts. Its in a Duet called Mocha Kisses and Coffee and it will be out hopefully soon. IO do have a cover, but no date just yet.

Speaking of Michael, Pride Publishing is having a sale at ARe. All titles are discounted for today only!

Check out some titles here

Michael’s Book On the Run is here

Take advantage of the sales there and have a good weekend!





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