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Michael Mandrake - On The Run CoverI’m happy to be taking part in the LGBT Halloween Bloghop!

Here is my post

For me, writing stories is fun, especially when you have inspiration to draw from, and in my case that could be anything. Current events, something that happened in my life, a picture or two I found on the net, sports, music lyrics, you get the picture. So, I’m saying basically ANYTHING could inspire me to write something and for this story, On the Run, it was a news report.

Since I love baseball, I pay special attention to the ongoing stories about players using steroids or performance enhancing drugs. If you’re familiar with Barry Bonds, you know he broke the home run record over a decade ago, and later it was revealed he might’ve been using steroids at the time.

So, you may ask, how did this become a story? Well, over a year ago, Yankees star Alex Rodriguez was caught and suspended by major league baseball for using performance enhancers or better known as PED’s. A report on 60 minutes came out about his supplier and how he was possibly targeted by Alex Rodriguez and threatened if he came forward about his involvement. Naturally, my brain started crafting a story based on that, and before I knew it, I was taking notes and researching for the story.

Now, months later, it’s about to be released and I’m stoked about people reading this tale. It’s a story of catch and chase with some m/m romance and a saucy female sidekick. I’d like to think James Bond with a gay main character and le gasp, he just happens to be a black englishman. This story starts a collection of books I call PROTEKT where all the characters are good guys and gals who get the job done, playing by their own rules.


Devlin raised his nose to inhale the clean air. “Ah, glorious. This is exactly what I desire. A quiet community, beautiful scenery and, most of all, peace. Nothing but—”

“Miranda, babe, how are ya, honey!” A shrill voice with a British accent crudely interrupted Devlin from his thoughts.

So much for peaceful silence.

Devlin smiled wryly at Aiden and both turned when the footsteps got closer to them.

“Allo, Mick. Mwah.” Miranda kissed the tall, lanky gentleman on both cheeks. Wearing pleather from head to toe and rose-colored glasses, the man Miranda called Mick had black spikey hair on top and shaved at the sides. He appeared to be stuck in some kind of time warp—not even a good one.

What time period is he representing?

Devlin could recall the early eighties when the New Romantics style swept through Britain, showing the punk era of the Sex Pistols the proverbial door. He was too young to dress in that manner, but he did recall his father trying to wear that kind of clothing just to look hip.

“You look good, m’love. And is this the friend of yours and his captive? My, my. If I weren’t happily married,” he drawled. “Sir, you must be…”

“Erm, yeah, this is Brit,” Miranda interrupted him and waved her hand. “Brit Crawford and our lovely captive, Aiden Moriarty.”

“Yes, the American caught up in an illegal drug ring. A pleasure to meet you, sir.” Mick quickly took his hand and shook it.

“Yeah, um, nice to meet you too,” Aiden answered sheepishly.

“And, Brit, I’ve heard so much about you. Miranda couldn’t stop ranting about you, my friend.” Mick grabbed his hand roughly, giving him a firm handshake.

“Well, I hope it was all good stuff,” Devlin added a laugh. When he sensed Mick holding on too long, he snatched his hand away and turned his attention to Miranda. “And, Miranda, are you going around telling everyone all of my business?”

“No. I just told Mick what a wonderful man you are and how we’ve helped one another out in all of our times of need is all.”

“And she mentioned what a good-looking bloke you are, too. Your picture and her descriptions do you no justice.” Mick swiped the tip of his tongue over his top lip.

“Well, I thank you, Mick. Quite nice of you to mention.” Devlin chuckled nervously but didn’t meet the man’s hungry gaze. Even through the glasses he could tell he was being ogled a little too much.

Aiden cleared his throat. “Yeah, it really is, but you’re married, aren’t you? I mean, I don’t think your partner would take too kindly to you gawking at someone other than him.”

Devlin turned to Aiden and cocked an eyebrow.

Is he jealous?

Devlin couldn’t help but cackle under his breath. This was the same man who said he was a free agent until they made it official. Aiden appeared a little brassed off, like someone had pissed in his cuppa that morning.

Miranda snickered.

“Uh, no, but, I’m sure Brit is okay with my compliments, right?”

“Oh yes, of course, but Aiden is right. You are taken, after all.” Brit took Aiden’s arm. “Do you mind showing us inside? I am in dire need of a shower and change of clothing. We’ve been on the road across the bloody States for nearly three days. Surely you understand how we must cut this conversation short?” Devlin shifted around with Aiden to grab his carry-on bag.

“Yes, yes, of course. It’s almost dinner time anyway. My partner hates when the guests are late for a meal. He’s quite the stickler for punctuality.”

“Indeed. As am I, and starving for a full meal since we’ve only been snacking and eating very bad food since we left Jacksonville.”

“Yes, we all are,” Miranda added with a giggle, seemingly picking up on the tension between the three of them. “Mick, go tell Paul we’ll be ready in a bit. I can show Brit and Aiden to their apartment. I know the place backward and forward.”

Devlin turned back around and smiled at both of them. “Wonderful, and no offense taken, my dear friend. Believe me, I am flattered by the compliments, but for the sake of my to-be boyfriend and your husband, you might want to refrain from the additional antics.” Devlin nodded and clicked his heels. “Thank you for allowing us to stay here. You have a lovely home.”

Mick flashed him a toothless wry grin. “You’re welcome, sir. Anything for a fellow countryman and m’love Miranda ’ere.” He turned around and gave Miranda a key.

“Yes, yes.” Devlin said nothing more and winked at Aiden.

Aiden smiled back and returned the gesture, adding a lick of his own lips.

And now the fun begins.

* * * *


Here’s a list of the other participants Grand Prize is a $50 Amazon GC! My prize is a copy of On the Run and Under the Gun 1 by BLMorticia

Tara Lain Choice of Backlist
Kai Tyler Duce
Kerry Adrienne Cruise Control
Bookworm Bridgette Unmasked
Jessie G Safety in Numbers
M.A. Church Trouble Comes in Threes
Thianna Durston Discovery
Eva Lefoy Rescuing Kyle
TM Smith Gay for Pay
Stephen del Mar Spooky Tales One
Bronwyn Heeley Moonlit Wolves series (7 PDF copies)
April Kelley Coming Back Home
Draven St. James Reader’s Choice of E-book from Backlist
Neil Plakcy The Russian Boy
Annabeth Albert Winner’s Choice of Backlist
Anne Barwell Shades of Sepia
Amanda Young Winner’s Choice From Backlist
Lynley Wayne Winner’s choice.
Elizabeth Noble Choice of Electric Candle or Jewel Cave
Kendall McKenna Soul Sick
J.M. Dabney When All Else Fails, More Than What They See
Michael Mandrake On the Run
Talon P.S. & Princess S.O. Ivan vs Ivan


A $50GC from Amazon

a Rafflecopter giveaway

2 responses to “LGBT Halloween Blog hop

  1. Thanks for offering the awesome prizes! I like books that have a girl costar, especially if she’s the matchmaker for the two male main characters. Looking forward to reading your book, whether I win or not

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