Hop Against Homophobia, Bi, and Transphobia


Greetings everyone. Today, May 17th, is International day against homophobia, biphobia, and transphobia. I’m glad to be part of this hop once again to do what we can to support the LGBTQ community and spreading the word about awareness.

Find the link for the IDAHBT here.

You may wonder, what can you do to help? Contribute your time and if you are able, your money to LGBTQ organizations. Teaching others to be sensitive towards people who are LGBTQ. It’s more than just going to PRIDE or partying afterwards with your rainbow flags and drinks held high. It’s about making people notice that there needs to be changes when it comes to the inequalities in every corner of the world. 

In the past, you might have heard of the story I told about one of my own family members taking his life because he was gay. If you haven’t you can read it here.

Since his passing, I’ve often thought about what more can I do to help. I know the biggest thing is teaching my children about tolerance. I’ve had stern talks with my teenage boy about language and already started grooming my baby girl on being nice to everyone regardless of their differences. Funny how the things you instill can disappear quickly when they begin to have friends.I found this with my son who I heard using the “F” word in jest. I immediately asked him why and did he believe it was funny to say this word.

He responded by saying, “I didn’t mean anything by it.”


*head desk*

If nothing was meant by it, why say it? After lecturing him about his cousin and tolerance I received an apology. “I won’t use the word again, mom.” Of course, I wonder if he thinks about what I said when he’s around his friends. Does he still choose to use it or will he refrain? Questions, questions, I might never know the answer to. Still, I try my best to teach my children and even my husband about tolerance. I would hope others do the same.

* * * *

CONTEST: Please comment on what you do to spread the word and I’ll be glad to give away an ebook and a $5GC to Amazon! 

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49. Blogger,reviewer,author, editor, promotion 50. Caraway Carter (M/M, Bi)
51. Grace R. Duncan (M/M, Bi) 52. Elin Gregory
53. Kade Boehme 54. Amberly Smith (M/M)
55. Remmy Duchene Mantasy (M/M) 56. L M Somerton (M/M)
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67. Thianna Durston (M/M) 68. Morticia Knight (M/M, Bi)
69. Bryl R. Tyne (M/M, TR, MULTI, F/F) 70. M.A. Church (M/M)
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95. Lily G. Blunt (M/M, REV) 96. Joelle Casteel (MULTI)
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103. WindWhisperer (Erotica Whispers) (F/F) 104. Bey Deckard (M/M, BI)
105. Andrew Jericho (Gay) 106. NSBeranek (Gay)
107. Freddy MacKay (MM, BI, Queer Fic) 108. Mischief Corner Books (PUB)
109. Angel Martinez (Gay/Bi) 110. Catherine Dair Cover Designers (DES)
111. Toni Griffin (M/M) 112. Carly’s Book Reviews (M/M, TR, BI, MULTI, REV)
113. Rory Ni Coileain (M/M) 114. M.LeAnne Phoenix (M/M)
115. Lucy Felthouse (Multi) 116. Bottom Drawer Publications (PUB)
117. Tempeste O’Riley (M/M, BI, Genderfluid, TR)

14 responses to “Hop Against Homophobia, Bi, and Transphobia

  1. It is so important to keep spreading the word and especially to our own children because only then we can make a difference.
    Thanks for this post 🙂

  2. I am a teacher and I try to keep the kids open minded, plus I am working on my first mm story to spread awareness

  3. I speak out against homophobic and anti-trans comments when I hear them, and try to stay informed!


  4. Glad you said something to him about it. Thank you for the post and for joining the hop in spreading awareness!

    humhumbum AT yahoo DOT com

  5. Thank you for the post I agree it’s very important that children learn about tolerance.

  6. Good lord, I give you and every parent lots of credit. When I think about all the awful language I used as a teenager, I cringe from myself! You can’t be around your son every day to correct his language (and even if you were, he might still use that language to spite you – teenage rebellion is inevitable), but have faith that you are making a difference! Most of the time, those names get thrown around because boys are working through their own aggression and anxiety, or trying to fit in. It’s not nice, but they do grow out of it; and I’m sure the story of his cousin was actually profound for him.

  7. Thank you for the participating and this post…and,well,I try to influence those around me,. Where I am there is no institution who deals with LGBTQ population rights,so it’s what I can do. It’s the least we all can do…

  8. unfortunately due to health issues, I’m unable to attend rallies but I post many messages of support on FB. I consider myself to be an ally and am happy to spread the word and show my support of GLBTQI rights
    Love is Love


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