Evernight’s Holiday Hangover Bloghop!

unnamed (1)Happy New Year from Evernight!

Now that the Christmas cookies are gone, gifts unwrapped, and your holiday visitors have left, you’ve earned some well-deserved TLC. Evernight authors not only have the cure for your holiday hangover, they have fantastic new books for your 2015 reading list, too!

Be sure to visit every stop on the hop and answer each question. The more you blogs you hop, the more chances to win the GRAND PRIZE of an iPad Mini sponsored by Evernight Publishing (one entry per blog). Plus, hop each blog for a host of other fabulous prizes.

So sink into your favorite chair and enjoy your holiday hangover!

* * * *

It’s been four plus years since I began this journey. Doing something I did sparingly as a teen and then turning it into a budding career. I never thought I could be a published author, putting out my own books for others to read and enjoy until December 2010 when my first sole author story hit the market.

Boy was I excited. The cover with my penname on it; essentially, my name in lights as if I were the director of a large film or the lead singer of a successful band. Wow! Me? I couldn’t believe it. Although just a short story, it began this long winding road of ups and downs, gnashing teeth over edits, struggling to get the most out of my characters and sulking a little over so so reviews. (More chocolate and liquor please) *laughs* That’s how authors deal. And after all that, here I am, years plus later and still excited about the next release!

Oh the joy when I see the newest cover, and then when I get the edits, I smile instead of grumble. One step closer to the finished product going up on Amazon, All Romance, and or Bookstrand. Whew! And then comes promotions, blogging, spending a few bucks on cover ads, and yes the reviews which have gotten better than so so. More like, okay, we see what you’re trying to do but… *laughs again* Not many of those either. Seemingly more people enjoy what I do and let me know it through comments and reviews. Thanks so much.

Which brings me back to my topic. What do I enjoy most about writing? The answer? EVERYTHING. I’ve learned a lot since I started. I do more research, I read more of my peers in all genres, I’ve taken classes, and asked for help from fellow authors and betas. Every book I’ve wrote reads better than the last and I’ve self pubbed several books with more to come in 2015 and beyond. Am I nervous, hell yes! Scared? Yes! But I’ve got to continue.

Oh the joy and pains of being a published author. Sometimes we writers throw our hands up when the royalty statements come or when the reviews are less than stellar we sulk again but we love it don’t we? We wouldn’t trade it for anything. To see our names up “in lights” sort of speak is what we live for.

Creating a world around characters we made is just the tip of the iceberg. To me, nothing is more exciting than this process.

Being a published author is what I’ve dreamed of. And I couldn’t be happier.

* * * *


Every once in a while, the average looking guy scores!

Robert McIntyre is a closeted, average looking sports columnist for the Daily Read. Unfortunately, his desire to stay in has cost him the chance at love more than once. However, now it seems his luck will change since his editor has asked him to interview, Jake Valenta. Jake and Robert knew one another in college and when he heard from a mutual friend that Jake might be bisexual, Robert didn’t believe him.

Before Robert’s trip, they discover a mutual affection for one another. Jake shares his desire to stay behind closed doors because he can’t stand being called a fag, but desperately wants Robert to be his man.

Robert and Jake want a chance to reconnect on a more personal level, but will this budding relationship ruin their careers?

 Evernight Publsihing






“Hey, Robert, it’s Jake again.”

I grinned and cocked an eyebrow. “Hey, um, yeah I thought we weren’t gonna talk until I made it down there?”

“You really didn’t think I’d wait until then, did you? I’ve waited for a long time to talk with you, Robert. Like Lori and Alex said, no time like the present to get to know one another  again. Besides, when coach told me Robert McIntyre would be coming down to get an exclusive on me, I thought it would be the best time for us to catch up.”


“Robert, we didn’t spend a whole lotta time together at Oklahoma State. You were a junior when I first came in. I didn’t think you’d want anything to do with me.”

“I did, but….” I got up from my desk and walked by the window so none of my co-workers would listen to what I was saying. “You and Chastity were a hot item. When the two of you got together, we rarely saw one another except at parties. Then I graduated—”

“Yeah two years too soon, Rob. I swear, I wish I had more courage to come out, but I don’t have the temperament to deal with people calling me faggot. I’m a hothead, so I’d be ready to whoop ass the second someone says the word.”

“Yeah, I um—wait, Jake, did you say—” I nearly lost my balance when I heard Jake Valenta say he was gay.

Jake laughed out loud. “C’mon, Robert, don’t play dumb with me. You were well aware Chastity and I faked our relationship. Lori told Alex, and I know she didn’t keep that information to herself.”

“No, she told me, but I didn’t believe it because—”

Jake interrupted me. “I know, ‘cause I play straight real well.”


“And I always will, Robert, ‘cause I can’t deal with stupid people saying those words. Here’s a scoop for you, Robert. I’m gay and always have been. Of course, if you print it, I will deny it. Baseball is still in the dark ages when it comes to these types of things, and until someone else carries the torch for us, I’ll be proudly staying behind the rainbow colored door. However, if people would stop acting like assholes and accept us for what we are, it might be sooner.”

Listening to Jake talk about his sexual orientation took me back in time. If only I had pursued him, if only I’d been less shy, if…


“Robert? Still, with me buddy?”

“Yeah, sorry. Anyways, you were saying?”

“It’s cool, man. We can talk more when we see each other. We lost so much time, Robert. I know we can’t make it all up when you come down here, but it’s a good start, right?”


* * * *

Enter for a chance to win Evernight’s GRAND PRIZE of an iPad Mini and my blog prize by answering this question (be sure to include your email address to be eligible to win):

If you’re an author, what goals do you have for 2015? If you’re a reader, how many books will you read this year?

Let me know. Each comment is entered into the grand prize and also one will be picked here for a copy of Reconnection and a$5GC from Amazon

Your Holiday Hangover continues here:



49 responses to “Evernight’s Holiday Hangover Bloghop!

  1. I lost count of how many good books ive read this year, hopefully i can read even more this year! 🙂 happy new year!

  2. I haven’t been keeping track of how many books I read this year at least 100 so I assume I will read at least that number and probably more as I discover more fabulous authors. ardent(dot)ereader(at)gmail(dot)com

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  5. I hope to read at least 1 a day even if is just a short smut story as they are called from other authors. I like to find new authors to read but keep up with the oldies but goodies..LOL

  6. Well as a student, I hope at least more than 15. That would be better than what I read last year. Thanks for the chance!


  7. I read over 150 books last year, and since my TBR list just continues to grow instead of shrink, I’d like to shoot for 200+.
    Happy New Year!

  8. I’ve never kept track of how many books I read, lol, I just know that between the ebooks and paper ones my TBR pile is still growing despite reading all the time.

  9. I’ll read as many as I can! depends on work, family etc but I’d like to think I can get through 250 books this year


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  11. I read 180 books in 2014, my goal this yer is to read 181. 🙂
    verusbognar (at) gmail (dot) com

  12. I never have a set goal of books to read, but I always seem to be reading at least one at any time!

  13. I’m a reader and I plan to read as many books as I can this year last year was a bad year I was too stressed so I’ve got to tackle my enormous TBR pile. See you next year!!!

  14. I’m a very slow reader and life keeps getting in the way. Probably about 20.
    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  15. I’m hoping to read at least 75 books this year. That is a lot for me. I’m a very slow reader.
    beckerjo at verizon dot net

  16. I set a goal to read atleast 100 books this year! Hopefully I can do it. *Fingers Crossed* =)

    Hope you have a great 2015! =)
    BLeigh1130 at yahoo dot com

  17. I’ll probably read 150 – 200 books this year. How many books will I buy? Buries head in arms so not to admit I buy more than I read. 🙂

  18. I am not sure, with money a bit tight at the moment, but I do read up to and over 200 books a year. Sometimes in paperback but mostly ebooks now, but I often re-read if I love a book and I also read lots of fan fiction ebooks/on-line books and follow on-line original serials, so do those count?

    I enjoyed read your post about writing and how it fulfills you and I was just interested to know do you find it easy to self publish or work with a publisher directly? And know that you have been writing professionally for 4+ years is there anything that you would do differently, or were course beneficial, did you try fan fiction sites to test out your stories and develop your writing skills?

    PS Happy New Year and thank you for a chance to win one of your books 🙂 slholland22 {at} hotmail {dot} com

  19. I plan on read a lot of books this year. I usually read 2 books a week and that’s not counting the books I like to reread.
    sstrode at scrtc dot com

  20. I didn’t reach my books-read goal for 2014, so I definitely plan to create more reading time this year to reach my new book goal. Thanks for the giveaway!
    bimmergrlmd at gmail dot com

  21. I’m kinda over setting goals for the number of books I read. I tried using Goodreads and such to track them, but I read so much it’s hard. Plus, I love reading fanfics (longest so far has been almost 400,000 words) which aren’t listed on those sites, so even though they more than count as a book, they don’t “officially” count when you’re tracking them. Plus, I work as an acquisition reader now for R&P, so I read complete books months or even years before they are actually released (if they get released at all). So I don’t think I’m going to stress about trying to read a certain amount of books. My current goal is to write 100 reviews for books, as that’s harder for me to do than just read them.


  22. Great excerpt! I plan to read at least 75 books. I need to take more time for myself to read. Lol.
    Good luck with your writing this year!
    Thank you for participating in the hop.
    trb0917 at gmail dot com

  23. I really don’t know how many books I will read. Every day I discover new auth who write exceptional stories. Last year v I think I read over 250 books. I just don’t know how much I’ll read this year.


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