Saturday Sips – No Denying Sin

NoDenyGood morning

Here is a small snippet from NDS. It’s first draft so it hasn’t been touched by a beta or editor. Still, I hope you enjoy BL and I’s first collaboration.

After about an hour of driving around in circles, Vance was back at the station, ready for detective briefing and coffee in hand for all of his partners. Now that they were seven, it meant more money to be spent but Vance didn’t care. Not today. Not when his emotions had gotten the best of him.

Figuring everything out put him in a very charitable mood. Despite seeing the so called man at Orrin’s door, Vance made up his mind not to be scared away by Orrin’s tactics. When seeing Lane at the door hurt him Vance figured the feelings he had for Orrin were more important than anything. His parents always told him when he felt the kick in his gut, it was more than just lust.

Vance got more than a kick, he’d been straight punched. He’d been given a hard uppercut jab to his face and knocked to the mat by his emotions for Orrin and he didn’t care about reaching for the ropes or tapping out to be rescued anytime soon.

“Morning Detective Morain.” Fellow officers passed him as he entered the building.

“Mornin ya’ll.” Vance nodded as he made his way to the top of the stairs. He took slow steps with coffee caddy, cups, and muffins in hand. Vance was careful not to spill any of it.

When he finally made it down, one of arson detectives opened the door and he thanked him before stepping inside the pen.

Immediately, Frankie looked up with a simple smile. “Morning Morain. Looks like you got enough for everybody.”

“I did.” He placed it on the empty table in the middle that chief had put in for all of them to sit together and brainstorm. “Help yourselves. Its hazelnut blend, which I know all of ya’ll like.”

“Well damn Morain, mighty kind of ya.” David stepped up and grabbed a cup. “Want some Kenina?”

“Sure, why not? We have to take advantage when Vance is feeling charitable, ya know,” she chided.

“Thanks Vance. I know I could use some.” Jessica got up next with Nicholas following her. “We been on since twelve.”

“Aren’t ya going home soon?” Vance looked around but he didn’t see Orrin yet.

“Yeah we are,” Nicholas answered, “But the Chief wanted us all to be in on briefing this morning so we stuck around. We’re off the next two days anyway.”

“Cool.” Vance folded his arms over his chest and leaned against his chair. He tried not to make it obvious that he was looking for Orrin, but he couldn’t help himself. Orrin had been on his mind all morning. They needed to talk and really he didn’t care if everyone noticed.

“Morning ladies, gentlemen.” Chief Quinn walked in with a stack of folders in one hand and a cup in the other. “Well shit, if I knew someone was bringing breakfast,” he joked.

“Mhm, it was Vance,” Frankie replied.

“Well that’s awfully nice of you, Vance. Now… aw shit, where the hell is Daugherty?”

“Well, the schedule says twelve so, I suppose he should be on his way,” Kenina chimed in.

“Morain? You and him were out again at Exotica, right? Where is he?”

“I… I assume at home or on his way sir.”

And hopefully not tangled up with Lane.

Vance grimaced at the thought and gripped the edges of his desk. All the nerves in his body were too jumbled to even sit down.

“Morning all, sorry I’m late.” Orrin rushed in and put his bag down on the desk. “Oh yes, coffee I could use some.”

“Morning Orrin and join the party will ya. Ah shit, I forgot something in my office. Just talk amongst yourselves and I’ll be right back.” The Chief walked out of the pen.

No one answered, but they did as the Chief had said.

Vance eyed Orrin up and down from behind, enjoying the view from his direction. Just as he wondered whether to approach the man or not, Orrin seemed to make up Vance’s mind for him.

Orrin turned around with a cup of coffee in hand. “Hey. Look, uh, Lane told me you stopped by. Was there something you wanted to tell me?”

Vance sighed inwardly, bristling at the sound of that man’s name. “Yeah I wanted to remind you how much I cared about you.”

The pen got quieter when Vance finished his sentence.

Orrin stopped drinking and his eyes bulged. “Vance…”

Vance put his hand up. “Naw man, I don’t wanna hear it, right? I care about you, I really do and you had some lame ass dude named Lane coming to your door, saying he’s your boyfriend. Is that you way of making me back off, huh? You think that’s gonna make me forgot about how I feel?” Vance pushed off the desk and stepped closer to Orrin, only inches away from his face. If he didn’t care about Orrin, he might’ve decked him because seeing Lane’s smug smile pissed him off. How dare him not get up and answer his own door.

Orrin shook his head. “Fuck this Vance, not here, okay? We can talk about this later.”

Vance took the coffee out of Orrin’s hand and placed it on the table behind them. He grabbed Orrin by the collar and yanked him in. “Naw man, we’re gonna talk about it now before the Chief comes back in. You know how I feel and you’re gonna tell me you don’t care about Lane.”


Before Orrin could say anything more, Vance pulled Orrin in, forcing his lips on top of Orrin’s. He wrapped his arm around Orrin’s waist and held him there, thrusting his tongue inside Orrin’s mouth, sampling the taste of his mouthwash along with the hazelnut coffee he’d just started drinking.

From that moment on, adrenaline ran through all Vance’s veins straight to his cock and his nipples. His breath hitched in his chest and goosebumps formed on his arms and neck, leaving him tingling in everywhere.

The more the embrace deepened, the less control Vance had over his own body. He’d imagined Orrin to be a great kisser, but he didn’t know their first time would have this type of effect.

Orrin attempted to get away but it was all for not. Seemingly after about a minute, he gave up and allowed himself to enjoy the extended embrace. Not to be outdone, he returned the kiss with more fervor, sucking Vance’s lips and toying with Vance’s tongue.

Vance accepted it, gripping Orrin’s jean clad thighs in both hands, not caring who watched them right now. Everything he wanted was right here in front of him, dressed in jeans along with a black vest and white shirt. Nothing could make him stop doing what he’d desired to do for the last couple of weeks.

“Aw fuck, Vance. I told ya to slow down, my man… but hell…” Frankie’s quip broke the collective gasps and whispers in the room.

“I knew you were gay, cowboy. Thank goodness we didn’t fuck, ‘cause I woulda got some kinda cooties,” Kenina joked.

“Aw cut it, gal,” David replied. “I’m not gay but, I gotta say…”

“Aw not you too,” Kenina snarled at him.

“I’m saying, seeing two people kiss, who want one another that bad is pretty hot. You know you’re all wet seeing it, babe. Just admit it.”

“I know I am… damn…” Jessica chimed in. “Whew.”

More whispers then the sound of the door shutting and heavy footsteps quieted everyone. “Aw hell now c’mon Morain and Daugherty. I can’t have another couple down here, okay? Turley and Wendell is enough!” Chief Quinn walked back in. “Get back to work everyone. This ain’t the damn Dating Game or Queer As Fucking Folk!”

“It is right now,” Frankie replied. “C’mon Chief, have a heart, all right? This has been going on between them for quite a while.

“And who says ya don’t need more than one couple,” David inquired.

Orrin pushed Vance away and stared at Vance with a confused look on his face. He touched his lips, appearing to be in a trance. “Damn you, Morain.”

Vance gawked at Orrin, huffing as if he’d been in a fight. And he had, trying to keep Orrin in place while he tried his best to wrestle himself away. Only the Chief’s terse voice stopped him from reeling him back in for a repeat. They’d most definitely be continuing this later on. “No Orrin, damn you. If you think I’m gonna walk away even with Lane on your fucking heels, you got a surprise, babe. I ain’t backing down, right? And I don’t give a rat’s ass what you say about your personal life interfering with work!”

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