Saturday Sips – No Denying Sin

NoDeny  Greetings.

BL and I are busy working on No Denying Sin. You might ask, how are 2 muses working on the same book? Well, quite simple really. I’m doing the parts for Eli, the killer, while she does the rest. She’s taking over my characters which is a good thing since most of them are little devils anyway. *laughs* So enjoy this sample. This is unedited so it’s a bit rough!

Precinct Nineteen New Orleans Louisiana September Eighteenth 11:06 p.m.


No rest for the weary.

As per usual, precinct nineteen was busy taking calls about homicides and robberies close to the Quarter and beyond due to the station being the highest staffed in the region. With it being close to midnight, only Orrin Daughtery, Kenina Porter, and Vance Morain were in the pen, looking over files pertaining to the recent killings of adult dancers as well as the rash of robberies at gunpoint and gang activity around Louis Three cemetery.

Orrin wondered would there ever be more time just to catch a fucking breath in this district before he lost his damn mind. Being horny, lonely, and exhausted was not a good combination especially since Chief Quinn depended on him and his fellow officers to show the Mayor what they were capable of. He’d entrusted them to be the leaders in what he called the model police precinct in New Orleans. In all truth, Orrin could give a rat’s ass about being model. He only wanted to put all these cases to rest so he could take a vacation sometime soon.

On his second cup of the office sludge they called coffee, Orrin leaned back in his chair and pinched the bridge of his nose. He looked forward to three o’clock when he could finally go home to his cold bed in Metarie and sleep like the dead.

“Isn’t there somewhere you should be?” Detective Kenina Porter eyed her fellow officer from across the desk. Blue eyes glaring, you could’ve sworn the fire in her irises were the same as her hair color.

Vance met her angry gaze. “What’s that gal? I swear, just leave me the fuck alone, right?”

“Hey, hey, what the hell, huh? You two need to start getting along again, okay? This fucking bickering has got to stop.” Orrin shook his head and raffled through some papers on his desk.

Vance closed the folder in front of him and tossed it aside. “Look, she started it.”

Kenina smiled smug. “I just asked if you had someplace to be, Detective Morain. Like at Miss Darnaby’s house questioning her. Oh that’s right, you don’t like women sexually.”


Orrin had to wonder what the hell that meant, but first he needed to be referee once again. This shit was getting old real quick.

“Fuck off, Kenina,” Vance spat back.

Orrin rolled his eyes. “What the hell’s the matter with the both of ya? Ever since you came back from the witnesses’ house…”

“Oh you didn’t hear, Orrin? This bitch decided to cop an attitude and catch a cab back to the station.”

“I swear woman, if you don’t shut the hell up!”

“Kenina, c’mon will ya? Enough with the insults, right? Damn woman! Haven’t you learned your lesson about spouting your mouth off without having a fucking filter. Geez!” Orrin slid his chair backwards and grabbed his files. “I’m going into Quinn’s other office to get some peace. I still need to write up shit for the Jenkins’ Case so we can officially close it.”

“Thank fuck for that too, Orrin. I’m glad you and Frankie got that sonofabitch behind bars! Now, we just need to crack the LaBoy case and catch the serial killer on the loose, we can get back to our lives−” Kenina turned up her lips in a snarl. “Or what’s left of em.”

“Damnit, Kenina, I’m warning ya!”

“Shut the hell up, Vance. Why don’t you take a fucking walk er somethin’, hmm? If you like a little of both, so what. No one’s faulting you for that.”

Vance nodded in kind. “Yeah I know, but some…er, female I know keeps throwing it in my damn face as if it’s a problem.”

Kenina harrumphed, “I ain’t no, er, female, Vance. I’m all woman!” Kenina squeezed her tits and turned around in her chair.

“Yeah, you are and you’ll be a suspended woman if you don’t shut the fuck up. Quinn told ya, Kenie, you’re treading on thin ice. I like you too much to see ya on desk duty so please, watch yer mouth.” Orrin didn’t care about squashing her feelings since she seemingly didn’t give a damn about his or Vance’s.

“Ugh, I swear, I don’t need to be around you guys at all. Where the hell’s Frankie, anyway? He gets me better than the both of you.”

Orrin bristled at Frankie’s name when he recalled the night in Tupelo. His partner’s rock hard, caramel body, Frankie’s thick lips, the goatee, the closely shaven head he’d like to grab and hold between his legs while he fucked the taste out of his mouth.

Holy shit!

Just the thought of it caused more than a disruption in Orrin’s trousers. More like a fecking eruption.

“C’mon Orrin, no one will ever know. I like you, a lot. My man is such a freak, he might even want to watch.”

Frankie’s words replayed in his head as if on a tape recorder. Though he loved that last one there was no way he’d be sharing a bed with Frankie or Kajika anytime soon.


“Damn… er, uh… yeah sure he does and how I don’t know. He’s a good one for it too.”

“Yep he is. I don’t know how he worked with an old bigoted, hateful… person like you, Kenina. He’s got more balls than I’d ever given him credit for.”

“Fuck off, Vance. Fuck both of you. I’m gonna take the walk, Orrin. You and your pan, fanny sexual boyfriend can have this shit!” Kenina slid back quickly and hopped up, sprinting out of the pen without looking back.

“Ugh, that woman!” Vance ran his hand through his brown silky locks.

Orrin looked away quickly, trying not to get too distracted.

Damn I need to get laid.

And not by Frankie either. Someone not working here or taken would be better. “Hey um, Vance, so you say you’re…”

Vance shot him a confused look. Seemingly the wheels were turning full speed in his head. “Uh, yeah, I guess so. It ain’t normal for a totally straight man to be thinking about a male stripper, right?”

“Yeah it is, Vance, but you can’t have him and neither can I. You know what that means?”

“What’s that?”

“We need to fine our own damn partners, that’s what. And stop letting Kenie get to you. You know she’s doing the shit on purpose because you turned her ass down.”

“Yeah I know, but she’s annoying the hell outta me, Orrin. Fuck!” Vance stretched his arms out over his head, just enough for his shirt to rise above the hem of his jeans. From underneath, Vance’s innie navel made a brief appearance.

For fucks sake.

Orrin needed to get a grip on his hormones a lot sooner than later. Any minute now and…

“Hey guys… what’s wrong with Kenie?” Seemingly unaware of the tension in the room, Frankie Choteau came in looking bright eyed, bushy tailed, and miffed. Wearing a sly smile, Frankie was dressed in snug black slacks and a grey short sleeve button down. Although Frankie was older than Orrin, he was still in good shape. Orrin liked mature men as opposed to young bucks anyway.

Compared to a couple of weeks ago, he seemed much more relaxed. Obviously, time away from the station did him some good.

“Hey.” Orrin turned around and didn’t say anything more. The last thing he needed was to stir up the feelings the two of them shared a few weeks ago.

“Hey man. She’s being a bitch. You need to talk some sense into that woman.”

“C’mon Vance, you know better than that. Don’t call my girl no bitch. She’s difficult…”

“Difficult?” Orrin harrumphed and shifted in his chair to avoid Frankie’s gaze.

“Yeah see, even Orrin sees it. Man, she’s like a fucking stubborn ass bull with a red target on her back. She ain’t no fucking picnic to be around when she ain’t getting no dick.”

“Well, hell, who is, Vance? You taking this too damn far, man. She’s still a lady. I know she pissed you off, but you gotta treat my girl with some respect.”

“Whatever, man. Since you’re on her side, I’m going home. I been working on this freaking LaBoy case all damn day… the serial killer case. Neither ones’ going nowhere. Almost five months, Frankie and we got nothin! Nothing, ya here me?”

“Yeah I know, but we gonna find him, Vance. No worries there.”

“Hmmph. I’m glad you got some freaking faith, man. Later.” Vance picked up his folders and slapped hands with Frankie before heading to Orrin’s desk.

“Hey. We got the lead to get us Surenthia Jakes killer, we can get it here too.”

“F’true, my man. See ya, Orrin. And I love that cut on you, boy!” Vance rubbed his head, messing his hair up on his way out.

Orrin frowned and moved out of his reach. Another thing he didn’t need; Vance Morain, toying around with his hair when he’d rather his cowboy tug at it as if it were reins in a horse.

Save a horse and ride me cowboy!

Perhaps Vance probably didn’t think it was a huge deal but it was. With the mood Orrin was in, hands on any part of his body meant trouble was about to go down at nineteen.

Orrin had already been through that in Boston.

He’d run away from a precinct just because he and one of his fellow officers shared a bed more than once.

* * * *

Remembering that hot night in Mississippi, Frankie gawked at Orrin, trying his best not to drool. Memories of Detective Daugherty’s milky white body pressed up against his sent shocks to his groin, leaving him pained.


If the man was any closer, he’d grab him by the collar and kiss him like no tomorrow. And since Vance and Kenina weren’t around, this would be the perfect opportunity to do so.

“Damn Orrin.” Frankie took two steps closer to him. It didn’t matter that everything was good with Kajika. They still had unfinished business and much like the case they went down there for, Frankie was determined to close it properly. “Orrin, you gotta calm down man. You’re looking a little tense.”

Orrin shrugged, “Yeah I am because this shit ain’t getting solved. Fucking Kenina and Vance are wearing my nerves, I mean−”

“You need a stress reliever.” Frankie reached out for Orrin and lightly caressed his broad shoulders through his long sleeve shirt. The man was solid all over. Frankie couldn’t wait to explore every inch with his hands and tongue.

Orrin pulled away. “No, no, damnit, Frankie. Stay the hell away from me! You gotta man. Go home to him!”

“Naw, Daugherty. I gotta be here with you to hold down the fort. We got a murderer to catch… together. All six of us. Quinn’s crew is what they’re calling us ‘round these parts.” Frankie yanked Orrin in again.

Orrin struggled to break free. “Shh… Damn you Frankie Choteau. I said, stop it. We can’t do this. We will not…”

“We will, Orrin. Now, let’s get over to my desk and look over some potentials. They let a couple of nutcases out of prison too early that might be responsible for this, ya know.”

“Or it’s a new one. Fu…” Orrin lazily ran his hands through his blondish brown locks. He’d traded in his semi pageboy look for an undercut hairstyle that suited him a lot better.

To Frankie, Orrin could have a mob on top of his head and it wouldn’t take anything away from his overall appearance. He loved Kajika Fortier, but he desired Orrin Daugherty something fierce.

“I’m tired, man. I can’t do this right now. I need to go home to my bed and sleep. I don’t wanna even think about these cases until tomorrow… I’m gone Frankie.”

“What?” Frankie frowned at Orrin. “You can’t just up and leave, man. Vance and Kenina are already gone. I need someone to go over shit with me at least until crazy Waylon comes back with Moto.”

“Yeah well, I can’t sit here with you and you already know why. I think Turley is on her way in. They’re still on the case too since they found the first two victims.” Orrin tore away from Frankie’s clutches and tossed his duffel over his shoulder. “Night Frankie.”

“Orrin, c’mon, you can’t go right now −”

Just as Frankie was about to finish, Vance ran in with a wild look in his eye huffing and puffing.

Damn. No time for a lip lock now.

“What’s up, Morain?”

None of us are goin’ home tonight. They just found another freaking corpse, not too far away from the last crime scene. That damn dancer Kenina wanted to blame for the Miles murder has been strangled the exact same way.”

Orrin dropped his bag and his eyes bulged. “Are you fucking serious?”

Frankie rolled his eyes and dropped all the papers out his hand. “Well, this is the shit we signed up for, gents. We wanted something different than random kids killing one another in the streets and we got it.”

So much for the quiet night at the station with Orrin

Frankie sighed and fished for his keys in his pocket, following both his fellow officers out the door. Just when they all thought the killer might simmer down, he found yet another victim to make this case even harder to crack.

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