Monday Musings

IdrisElba15  Greetings. Today I’m talking about muses. What’s that you say? You wonder how a muse could talk about his own muses? Well I can since I am however the writing muse and not the character muse in the book.

Authors, do you actually have moments where the muse has spoken to you directly? It’s true! Your friends and family have often thought you had screws lose anyway when you talk about how your characters speak to you when writing a story. Mine shake their heads and groan but in actuality, when the muse speaks to you directly, the story comes out better.

In the short time I’ve been writing, I’ve discovered how important it is to have more of a relationship with your main character. Learn what’s most important to him or her. What they like and dislike what they need and how they feel they can achieve their ultimate goal. So I figured why not interview the characters before I’ve written the story. I write down personal facts, traits, have a picture if possible, and have a “recorded” conversation with them to get everything down I possibly can about that muse.

Interesting right? In a sense, me, the author is talking to a fictional character and learning all we can to make a more complete book. In the beginning, I didn’t feel I did it enough. I had all their facts in my head but I didn’t really translate that to my readers and while it also makes for an interesting blogpost, meaning the character interview, it helps us as writers to keep the plot moving and cover all the bases in our stories.

Right now, I’m busy working on On the Run, the story given to me from BLMorticia. My character, Devlin Crawford is much like myself. This has made it easy to write him since he has a high sense of style, charm, and wit.

With every story I write I do the interview as well as a character arc to move along the plot. In my opinion, both of these assist me in building a more complete book for you the readers to enjoy. No, it isn’t gospel, but it’s one of the many things us writers use while we write our book and again, it gives us an excuse to talk to ourselves. *chuckles*

Thanks for listening to me ramble. And now for a muse update!

* * * *

Rawiya is idle right now but you can check her post regarding her latest book, Meant to Be on her blog.

Me, I’m working on On the Run for a submission call and I’ll be sending out my short Reconnection to another publisher this week. I’ll also be starting the twins soon as well as another submission call due on October 1st.

The wicked and temperamental BLMorticia just finished Wretched 2.5 and is looking to start the next parts after I finish my stories. She’ll also be editing her story with fabulous author Remmy Duchene in the meantime. BL will also start No Denying Sin in August, looking for a possible Oct/Nov release.

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