Equal Rights Blog Hop – When Being An Ally of the Community Hit Home

equal_rights_blog_hop_button-400x398Thanks for joining me for the Equal Rights Bloghop hosted by Queer Town Abbey

The theme is the first experience in the LGBT community. Honestly other than the pride parades and gay bars, I don’t have anything interesting. So instead, I’ll talk about the first time being an ally of the community hit home.

Some who’ve followed me might know my experience but for those that don’t I’ll share it with you in short form. Three years ago last month, my cousin Scotty committed suicide. The family was shocked, especially knowing that all of us were pretty tight knit. Scotty and I weren’t very close but at family functions and outings, we talked and I knew him to be extremely intelligent and an awesome cook.

Later on, I learned from my other uncle that Scotty was gay and couldn’t cope with it. This hurt me, knowing that me, as an ally and author could’ve helped him through this trying time. For weeks I cried about it, I even stopped writing for a bit because every time I wrote something, I wouldn’t be able to finish. Finally a year later, I was able to self-publish the book Guardian Angel in remembrance of Scotty. And months after that, I continued his story for an anthology where I make him the Angel to another young black man who’s struggling with his sexuality. Both my stories have happy endings and I wish Scotty was still here so I could help him through it.

Of course, being his cousin I feel guilt but doing what I can as an ally gives me hope I can inspire other gay youths to feel good about themselves and get help. And during pride month in June, I think about Scotty and how I wish he could be here with me to celebrate.

Pride month is about more than just fun and parades. Don’t you agree?

* * * *

Many awesome authors are taking part in this hop. Follow them all here

QTA Equal Rights Hop

For my contest, I’m giving away a book from my backlist!

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Guardian Angel Blurb: Calvin is looking to end it all because he feels his family won’t accept him as a gay man. Unbeknownst to him, someone is watching, looking to pick him up and rescue him from his negative state. Can Calvin get help before it’s too late?

This is a story of coming out and accepting who you are. Remember, you are normal and you are not alone.




13 responses to “Equal Rights Blog Hop – When Being An Ally of the Community Hit Home

  1. Wow, in just a couple paragraphs you had me in tears. How sad. I’m headed over to amazon right now though to buy that book that is a tribute to your cousin! Great post Michael!

  2. You know you make a lot with your books and as author for people to understand that life isn’t always pink for those who feels apart. Thank you so very much for that and your beautiful stories. Your cousin… RIP and I hope you feel better with your tribute to him.

  3. You can’t predict or control things like that sometimes…I’m sure Scotty was proud of all you do for the LGBT community, and understands.

  4. Thank you for sharing this with us. I am so sorry about your cousin. I will be adding Guardian Angel to my wishlist!

  5. So sorry about your cousin it’s really good that you have a way to remember him.


  6. I’m truly sorry for your loss. Thanks so much for posting this and for being an ally to the LGBT Community. Thanks also for participating in the Hop. It never fails that when there is a Hop I find new authors to enjoy.

  7. Hi Michael,

    I want to send a personal thank you for your participation in The Equal Rights Blog Hop. Thanks to you the Blog Hop was a great success.

    I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a happy and safe summer.

    All the best,

    Founder/Administrations Manager
    Queer Town Abbey

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