Just Because I’m Not_______ Doesn’t Mean I Can’t Write It

Shar is on Lucious Lit

Good morning. You might notice the title of my post has a blank in the middle and that might prompt you to ask, well heck Sharita, what is the actual title of your blog today? Although it may be a mystery to you, you’ll get the idea as you read further into this article. If you have the patience for me jumping on my large soapbox, continue to read.

So, all of us are humans, right? We all bleed red and we all have a brain. We all have the spectacular ability to think, to have feelings, to express ourselves, et cetera. Whether or not you believe in a higher power or evolution, you know you’re a human being.

And then there’s the wonderful things that make us unique; our skin color, our personality traits, our beliefs, our sexuality. All these things and many others make us different from one…

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