Monday Musings

MattBomer8   Good morning. Welcome to Michael’s.

So this second Monday Musings is just an update. Usually I have something witty to add  but today I thought I’d just talk about what’s coming up for me, the muse.

After waiting for Shar to get done with the het, we’re going to tackle the story originIdrisElba15ally set for BL. On the Run is an intriguing tale of a drug dealer and the man trying to kill him.  After squealing to the peds, one player wants him dead and his hired a hitman to dispose of him. My two muses are Aiden played by Matt Bomer and Devlin played by Idris Elba. I think they make a hot looking twosome, right?

It’s a drama with foul play, two interesting characters, and hot romance. I’ll do my best on that last one since I’m thinking these two will be either at each others throats or making love. *winks*

* * * *

umid7Next update is the next book in the N’awlins Exotica Paranormal

No cover yet but it will be Mon Trois, for Eternity. Now that Ryland and Ryder have slain their stalker, they must both accept Dale as their third. This won’t be easy since Dale and Ryder aren’t getting along coupled with Ryder’s insistence on having his brother to himself again. Kajika will make more appearances in this one and we’ll set the next book up as well which will be the tales of Gren Dumont, a prequel to the twins story. 

I’ll also be working on a subcall and revisions for Closely Guarded. Really busy in the coming weeks. Of course I’ll post updates to all the stories as we finish.


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